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In NY Times Letter, Weltman Calls for Reasonable Surrogacy Limits

Jul 13, 2014

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In response to "Coming to U.S. for Baby, and Womb to Carry It," which appeared in the New York Times on July 5, 2014, Circle's President and Founder, John Weltman, wrote a letter to the editor, calling for regulation of surrogacy.

The states must "mandate that the best interests of children be the guiding principle in any surrogacy arrangement," Weltman writes. He calls on them to issue licenses to surrogacy agencies, to ensure that everyone is giving informed consent, that all parties are screened and that women are not being exploited.

"Reasonable limits must be placed on the practice of surrogacy so we're protecting everyone involved -- intended parents, surrogates and, most important, children," Weltman concludes.

You can read the full letter here.