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Empire State Pride Agenda Spotlights Circle IPs

Nov 21, 2013

Empire State Pride Agenda
Circle's intended parents, George and Farid, share their journey to parenthood through surrogacy as New York residents.The couple was matched with surrogate Jeni Denhof, who lives in Denver, Colorado. The three had a wonderful surrogacy, and George and Farid welcomed two beautiful, healthy twins.

“When all was said and done, Farid and George returned home to New York with two beautiful babies, Milena and Gustavo. Unfortunately that wasn’t the end of the red tape. After a 16-month long second parent adoption process, which included the couple having to educate the courts about their unique family dynamic, retrieving signed custody release forms from the surrogate and even the surrogate’s husband, the children legally belong to their intended parents. During that time, they incurred legal expenses and uncertainty and were not able to travel because the legal parentage was not finalized.”

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