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Edge Boston Features Circle Surrogacy and Circle Dad in Gay Parenting Article

Jan 10, 2013

There are a growing number of resources available to current and future gay fathers in the Boston area, according to a recent article in Edge Boston.

Gay fathers in opposite-sex marriages can turn to local groups and resources online for support. But for gay men who are not yet parents, surrogacy is becoming a common path to fatherhood.

Gene Flanders, a Circle parent who has raised his son as a single father for the last 12 years, told of his experience: "In terms of being a single parent, I knew it would be time-consuming and it has been, even more than I expected, but I have always been good with planning and organizing my life and that has been helpful."

“When I became a father there weren’t any gay father support groups since not many gay men at that time had done surrogacy,” said Flanders.

But as gay surrogacy grows, a network of fathers through surrogacy is emerging. John Weltman, president and founder of Circle Surrogacy, told Edge Boston that Circle Surrogacy helped about 80 gay couples and 20 single fathers conceive a child through surrogacy last year.

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