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Circle Surrogacy Parents and Surrogate Featured in the Washington Post!

Jun 03, 2017

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Photo originally appeared with the Washington Post article, 'With new surrogacy law, Washington, D.C. joins jurisdictions that are making it easier for gay and infertile couples to start families'

Washington, D.C.-based parents Edward Palmieri and Christopher Schriever spoke with Washington Post reporter Michael Alison Chandler about their experience becoming parents to adorable twins (a boy and a girl) three years ago with Circle Surrogacy. The impetus for the article stems from the recent change to the Washington, D.C. law that banned surrogacy contracts for 25 years. In December of 2016, D.C. Council reversed the surrogacy ban and last April it became effective.

While matches here at Circle Surrogacy will continue to be based on the intended parents’ individual needs and preferences, the new law allows us to accept Washington, D.C.-based surrogate applicants into our program. Chandler also spoke with Kelli Rapp, who carried Christopher and Edward’s twins.

To quote the Washington Post article, “[Kelli] said she was ‘so delighted’ when she had her own son five years ago and that she wanted to help someone else who could not have the same joy.” She said, “It was my way to say ‘Thank you’ for my son.” “Christopher said it was ‘surreal’ to share a pregnancy with someone in another state, but he said they felt very comfortable with her,” Chandler wrote.

We are delighted that Christopher, Edward, and Kelli were able to share their positive experience with the mainstream media. Since we promote the relationship-based model, it was fantastic to see an acknowledgment of the connection Christopher and Edward have with Kelli. Christopher mentioned that Kelli felt like a family member and that they all plan to see each other this summer. It’s great to see progress places like Washington, D.C. reversing their position to help infertile couples and same-sex couples experience the joy of pregnancy and parenthood. [Read the full Washington Post article here.]


Learn more about becoming a parent with Circle Surrogacy here. We offer free consultations. We travel all over the world to meet with intended parents. You can see a full list of our upcoming events here. If we are not visiting your city soon, we also offer Skype consultations. Additionally, we offer regular consultation dates in Boston, New York, and London.

Learn more about becoming a surrogate. Surrogates are very special women. We have a waiting list of intended parents who want to match with kind and generous women like you. If you have questions about helping an IP complete their dream of becoming a parent, email us at [email protected].