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Circle Surrogacy dads in Belgium interviewed on TV news for Father's Day

Jun 01, 2010


RTBF of Belgium, which aired on Father's Day, focuses on the different ways Belgians are celebrating the holiday, including a gay couple and their son.

Two years ago Eric and Didier, a couple living in Belgium became the proud daddy and papa of Boris thanks to Circle Surrogacy, a Boston-based and gay-owned agency that has helped hundreds of couples become parents via gestational surrogacy. As part of its Father's Day coverage, the couple is interviewed by local Belgian news program RTBF about their experience being same-sex parents. They talk about their fears and joys of fatherhood and share stories about how the community at large has reacted to their unconventional family. Since 2006 homosexuals can legally adopt in Belgium and it is estimated that there are presently hundreds of same-sex families in the country. One story the couple share is how their son's daycare teacher called them to ask who should be named on the Mother's Day card that Boris was presently working on in class.