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Circle Surrogacy and Pacific Fertility Center - Los Angeles Announce an Exclusive Unlimited InVitro Fertilization Program

May 09, 2012

Boston, MA (PRWEB) May 09, 2012

Circle Surrogacy and Pacific Fertility Center -Los Angeles announced today that they have partnered to offer the Exclusive Unlimited IVF Program - an unlimited InVitro Fertilization (IVF) program at a fixed cost for couples and individuals looking to start a family through surrogacy.

The program is comprehensive in that it covers screenings for donors, carriers and intended parents as well as medications and monitoring at the clinic. The benefit for intended parents is that they have unlimited attempts to have a child without additional costs.

“We created this new IVF program to be a more financially viable option for couples and individuals who are exploring starting a family through surrogacy, “ said John Weltman, President of Circle Surrogacy. “With so many variables in the surrogacy process, we hope this program provides parents with a cap to their costs, something most parents are looking for.”

The cost for IVF cycles generally varies considerably depending on the clinic. An intended parent can expect to spend anywhere from $18,500 - $35,000 per ‘fresh’ cycle at clinics in the United States. The total cost for the Exclusive Unlimited IVF program is set at $33,750, which is much less than some clinics charge for a single transfer.

“The real advantage to this program, besides the cost, is that this plan removes the uncertainty of the doctor’s cost which can be very frustrating to patients,” said Dr. Vicken Sahakian, Medical Director for Pacific Fertility, “An additional advantage is collaborating with Circle Surrogacy, an agency known for the quality of the surrogates in their program and the follow up care they provide.”

About Circle Surrogacy

With more than 17 years of experience and well over 500 births, Circle Surrogacy is one of the oldest and largest surrogate parenting agencies in the world. Circle stands out among other agencies as a place that focuses on the long-term best interests of the child, the surrogate and the intended parent(s). We thoroughly screen our prospective parents, surrogates and egg donors to ensure that all parties share the same values and commitment. We firmly believe that an open and honest approach results in a more rewarding journey.

About Pacific Fertility Los Angeles

We pioneered one of the most revolutionary financial programs in the field of medicine by sharing financial risk with our patients, in the form of monetary refunds in case of failure to achieve a pregnancy with In Vitro Fertilization. We are also committed in helping patients both medically and financially by offering significant discounts in cases of financial hardship through our Access program.