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Circle Attorneys Co-Author Family Law Journal Piece

Oct 01, 2015

Circle Founder and President, John Weltman, an experienced assisted reproductive technology (ART) attorney and Circle’s Natalie Kanellis coauthored an article for the Fall 2015 issue of the American Journal of Family Law. The article, entitled “What Family Law Attorneys Need to Know About ART Issues” offers a comprehensive overview of the world of surrogacy and gamete donation and touches on contracts, birth orders, and adoption.

To accomplish the legal goals of an ART arrangement, Weltman and Kanellis argue, “it is necessary to meticulously manage all of the legal intricacies of the surrogacy, to make sure that all of the parties are properly represented and understand all of the legal documents and procedures, and to create an atmosphere of dedication to the best interests of the parties involved and especially to the babies.”

You can read the text of the article here.