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What Is Surrogacy?

Surrogacy is a method of assisted reproduction where intended parents work with a gestational surrogate who will carry and care for their baby(ies) until birth. Intended parents use surrogacy to start or grow their families when they can't do so on their own.

How Surrogacy Works

Surrogacy requires medical and legal expertise, as well as a strong support process throughout the journey. Those who explore surrogacy to have a child are often referred to as Intended Parents (IPs).

Through IVF, embryos are created in a lab at a fertility clinic. Sometimes the intended parents use their own genetic material. Sometimes, an egg donor is required. At the fertility clinic, 1 to 2 embryos are implanted into a gestational carrier (surrogate), who carries the pregnancy to term.

Why Choose Surrogacy To Grow Your Family?

Surrogacy allows couples and individuals from a variety of backgrounds, ages, and sexual orientations to build their families.

Intended parents who use surrogacy include:

  • Heterosexual couples who have struggled with infertility

  • Intended mothers who are unable to carry a child

  • Intended parents who have a genetic defect or health condition they don't want to pass onto the child

  • Gay and trans intended parents who want to have a genetic link to their baby

Each surrogacy journey is unique, and we proud to have helped grow so many amazing families in the United States and around the world.

The Right Match Makes All the Difference

One of the most exciting parts of a surrogacy journey is when a surrogate and intended parents match. Our Matching Specialists partner with intended parents and surrogates to ensure the best match is made.

When that happens, a beautiful relationship and bond is formed.

This video captures the beauty of a surrogate and intended mother's relationship from their journey together.

How Much Does a Surrogate Cost?

The cost of a surrogate is just one fee that makes up total surrogacy costs.

If you live in the U.S., you can estimate surrogacy costs around $110K-$200K for a journey, exclusive of IVF costs. The actual journey costs depend on the services intended parents need (whether you require a surrogate only, or a surrogate plus an egg donor), your insurance, and the details of your specific journey. Each journey is unique—there is no "one cost fits all."

Of those total costs, approximately 40% will pay for a surrogate: her base compensation, additional benefits and payments, her legal counsel, social work and screening.

For those intended parents who use a surrogacy agency (highly recommended) their surrogacy costs will also include an agency fee. Our related blog post breaks down some of the costs that IPs can expect.

How Much Do Surrogates Make?

The monetary benefits of becoming a surrogate are significant, but the indescribable sense of fulfillment our surrogates get from helping intended families bring a child into the world cannot be found doing anything else.

Surrogate pay depends on a few factors: where she lives, if she has insurance, and whether or not she's a first-time carrier. On average, surrogates are paid between $50,000 and $60,000 total, which is made of a base fee of $30k to $40k, plus additional compensation and benefits.

Circle Surrogacy offers the most comprehensive and protective pay and benefits package for gestational carriers and their families. See full details about how a surrogate is paid and how much she can expect to earn.

What Is the Surrogacy Process Like?

While it's relatively simple to understand the meaning of surrogacy, understanding the process is a bit more involved. The surrogacy process can be complex, and working with an experienced agency like Circle Surrogacy helps navigate the milestones and provides support when you need it most.

A general overview of the surrogacy process looks like this:

Start Your Surrogacy Journey

Get started with Circle Surrogacy today by completing our online applications for intended parents and surrogates. Our experienced, compassionate team looks forward to guiding you through this meaningful journey.


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