Unlimited Surrogacy Program

Unlimited Surrogacy and/or Egg Donation

In any surrogacy arrangement, there’s always a certain degree of unpredictability. While IVF technology has greatly improved over the past few decades and success rates have climbed, there is still no guarantee that a given transfer will result in pregnancy. And as in any pregnancy, you can’t always predict when the baby(ies) will come!

The good news is that we have worked to remove some of the financial uncertainty from surrogacy arrangements. Over the years, we’ve developed partnerships with some of the nation’s premier IVF clinics, allowing intended parents to choose competitive IVF packages. Most recently, certain clinics began offering Unlimited IVF for a single fee—all medications, screening, retrievals, transfers, etc. are included until you have a successful birth. This program limits your liability with respect to IVF medical costs.

In 2014, we introduced unlimited surrogacy and egg donation. To our knowledge, Circle is the only surrogacy agency with this offering.

What does it mean?

In an ideal world, intended parents would match with one surrogate and one egg donor (if one is needed), have one transfer, become pregnant, and have a baby or even twins. While this often happens, embryo transfers are not always successful on the first try. Occasionally, intended parents may even need to work with a new surrogate or new egg donor for medical reasons or otherwise.

To provide more financial certainty in the process, Circle now offers unlimited rematches with surrogates and egg donors with all of its programs.  There is no limit on how many transfers you receive and the rematches would even apply if there was a confirmed pregnancy that did not lead to a live birth.


  • No new agency or recruitment fees for a surrogate rematch
  • No new agency fee for an egg donor rematch (if you choose a Circle donor)
  • No new contract fees (including the surrogate or egg donor’s attorney if the surrogate or egg donor chooses one of the suggested referral attorneys)
  • No new psychological examination fees (if using Circle’s recommended psychologist)
  • The only requirement is a reasonable need for a rematch (e.g., the surrogate or egg donor cannot continue for medical, legal, or psychological reasons)

How do I sign up for unlimited matches?

Since early 2014, all of our surrogacy and egg donation programs include unlimited matching. For more information about costs, click here. To register for a free consultation with members of our team, click here or email Bruce Hale for more information.