Sibling Journeys | Second Surrogacy

Sibling Journeys: Expanding Your Family through Surrogacy

Helping to build families through surrogacy is what we’re all about at Circle.  Knowing that we often get to help families grow once again with a sibling journey is both rewarding and exciting for us here at Circle! 

If you’re considering returning to Circle to expand your family through a sibling journey, there are a few things to keep in mind. 

Will I Have the Same Surrogate/Egg Donor?

Many times, intended parents will discuss the option of a sibling journey with their surrogate and during their first journey. If you haven’t already discussed this arrangement and would like us to ask, we’re happy to reach out to her on your behalf. If your surrogate is unable to return for a sibling journey or you would prefer to be matched with someone new, we’ll revisit the matching stage.

No Two Surrogacies are Alike

Many intended parents enter the sibling journey with the mindset that everything will mirror the previous journey or that they know everything to expect from their past experience. Even when intended parents return with the same surrogate, this is not always the case.  A sibling journey is a new journey, start to finish.  Things could happen this time around that may not have happened on the first journey. With that being said, we encourage all of our intended parents to keep an open mind, be attentive, calm and keep an open relationship with Circle and your surrogate. 

Update Us

Before you start your sibling journey, it’s important to let Circle Surrogacy know if there have been any changes in your life since the last time we spoke.  Some of these changes could include things like relocation, major life events, lifestyle changes, or new medical issues.

It will be helpful for us to understand from the beginning whether you plan on using frozen or fresh embryos, the same IVF clinic as last time, and, again, whether you would like to work with the same surrogate (among other things).  All of these factors will affect how we proceed. Understanding your expected timeline and goals is a critical element in your sibling journey and the reason why we ask that you share updates with us.


When you have a sibling journey with Circle, your agency fees are frozen at the first journey price. However, other factors, such as third party costs, will impact your overall anticipated expenses.Some of the factors that may affect costs 

-If you're returning with the same surrogate
-If you have frozen embryos or will need to create additional embryos
-If you're remaining with the same IVF clinic

As always, Circle’s goal is to keep costs as low as possible for you and your family. To help minimize expenses, you can discuss and explore different options and surrogacy programs that are available to suit your growing family’s needs. 

The Next Steps

If you feel that you’re ready to start your sibling journey, or have any questions about a sibling journey, please feel free to reach out to Cliff Atkins to set up a 45 minute Skype call today!