Understanding surrogacy costs as a gay dad-to-be.

One of the first questions Circle gets from LGBTQ+ intended parents is, "How much does surrogacy cost?" The surrogacy program you choose, and your preferences for your surrogate, egg donor and journey can affect your overall surrogacy costs.

 Breaking down surrogacy and egg donation costs.

Breaking down surrogacy and egg donation costs.

Surrogacy and egg donation costs can be broken down into a few areas:

• Professional fees
• Surrogate and egg donor fees and expenses
• Insurance expenses
• IVF expenses

Overall, a surrogacy and egg donation journey for a gay single or couple can average around $150k, not including IVF expenses.

What do surrogacy costs cover?

Professional fees.

Professional fees cover the following during your surrogacy journey:
• Screening & Matching of your surrogate and egg donor (including rematches)
• Coordination of your journey with a dedicated team consisting of a Program Manager & Coordinator, Attorney & Accountant
• Social Worker support
• Trust Account management
• Legal Work

What does the agency fee cover?

Surrogate & egg donor fees.

Circle will include an estimate of fees paid to surrogates and egg donors, as well as third party costs.
• Surrogate & egg donor reimbursements
• Travel expenses
• Local monitoring expenses
• Legal expenses for surrogate & egg donor contracts, and for intended parents' parentage rights
• Contingencies: fees and expenses that you cannot plan for, such as bedrest, c-sections, etc.

How much do parents pay for a surrogate?
 Guarantee costs with our exclusive Fixed Fee program.

Guarantee costs with our exclusive Fixed Fee program.

In our Fixed Fee Program, we offer guaranteed surrogacy costs to help control the fees of surrogacy, in addition to our high-quality service, partnership and guidance during your journey.

While we would love for everyone to have a picture-perfect journey, the reality is, that is not usually the case (even in traditional pregnancies!). Choosing the Fixed Fee program allows you to "fix" certain costs during your journey to help eliminate the element of surprise with additional costs along the way.

For example, should you require a second embryo transfer, you will not pay for your surrogate's travel, transfer or local monitoring a second time.

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