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Surrogacy and IVF and Insurance Costs

With every surrogacy journey there will be IVF and insurance expenses. Learn more about the costs associated with In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and health insurance.

 Surrogate mother injections and medications

How does IVF and surrogacy work?

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is inherently part of the surrogacy process. In some cases, an intended mother will utilize IVF to retrieve her eggs to create embryos. In other cases, an egg donor is required to donate her eggs to create embryos. Both cases require IVF professionals (your IVF clinic), medications and money.

If you are creating embryos with your own biology, some insurance policies will cover the IVF process. If not, these are costs that are paid out of pocket to your IVF clinic.

Intended parents are responsible for all costs related to IVF for their gestational carrier or egg donor. The medical costs – such as medications and procedures – will be paid to the clinic. Other related costs – such as travel and local monitoring – are included in your fees paid your surrogacy agency.

How much does IVF cost?

For a surrogacy journey, IVF costs are an important component to consider when assessing the total cost of a potential journey. While many of your surrogacy costs are paid to your surrogacy agency, your IVF expenses are paid to your fertility clinic. Intended parents can often choose between package options that include egg donation and/or embryo creation, plus IVF transfers or just IVF transfers alone (for those that have already created embryos). In addition, you can choose from packages that provide 1-3 transfers to packages that include unlimited transfers until a live birth is achieved.

Circle Surrogacy has experience working with a variety of clinics across the United States, on both the East and West coasts. We're able and willing to work with a clinic of your choice, or to provide you with introductions to the clinics with which we work most frequently – including RMA-Connecticut, CCRM, HRC, San Diego Fertility Centers, Fertility Centers of Las Vegas, and ORM, among others.

For many journeys, we see IVF costs range between $7,000-$10,000 for those intended parents with embryos already created, and $29,900 and above for intended parents who need to create embryos. Some clinics also offer packages including unlimited retrievals and/or transfers.
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Do I need insurance for my surrogate?

Gestational surrogates will need insurance coverage during her surrogate pregnancy. The types of insurance needed in a surrogacy journey include:

  • Complications insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Maternity insurance
  • Back up to maternity coverage

Once the baby is born, insurance must be in place to cover the baby. For domestic intended parents, most are able to add their newborn to their existing health insurance policies (having a baby qualifies as a "life event" with insurance companies to allow plan members to adjust policies outside of normal enrollment periods).

For international parents looking for newborn insurance, there are a few options that are constantly changing. Circle can assist in connecting international intended parents with providers.

How does surrogacy insurance work?

Circle Surrogacy's goal is security for intended parents and their surrogate throughout the surrogacy journey.

Circle Surrogacy offers an all-inclusive cost program that enables us to offer insurance costs at a fixed price to help control costs. With our exclusive Journey Protection Guarantee Program, you'll pay insurance costs of $22,500. Circle's fixed Medical & Insurance expenses include:

  • Premium/gestational carrier payment
  • Copayments and deductibles
  • Complications insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Insurance defense
  • Back up policy

Circle is able to provide fixed costs because we have extensive experience identifying, screening and accepting surrogates with existing maternity coverage that covers a surrogacy journey. In the instances when a surrogate's insurance is not adequate coverage, Circle will facilitate a high-quality, surrogacy-specific policy.

Learn more about surrogacy and surrogate insurance from our educational insurance webinar.

Becoming a Parent: An Overview

Find a surrogacy agency.

All prospective intended parents – whether you’re a couple or a single individual, LGBTQ+, domestic or international – should start their surrogacy journey by researching surrogacy agencies. When they find a few agencies that feel like a good fit, they should meet with each agency to determine which agency is best for their needs.

Sign On and Get Started

If you wish to proceed with Circle Surrogacy after your complimentary consultation, you'll sign an Agreement for Services. Once the Agreement is executed, you'll be assigned a Journey Support Team, who will guide you through every phase of the process.

The matching process.

The matching process begins with an initial call or Skype with your Journey Support Team to choose an IVF clinic and an egg donor (if needed). The next step is to find an appropriate match with a gestational surrogate who's completed our comprehensive screening process.

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Committed to helping control costs.

To offset some expenses of surrogacy, Circle Surrogacy is committed to keeping costs as low as possible through strategic partnerships and financing options for intended parents.

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We're here for you.

Many of our staff members at Circle Surrogacy are parents through surrogacy and/or egg donation. If you ever have any questions, we're always happy to share our experiences with you so that you hear firsthand what others have gone through.

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Common questions from parents like you.

As you consider parenthood, you may have questions along the way. Don't worry. With 27+ years of experience, we've helped parents navigate surrogacy and their journeys to parenthood, and have answered almost every question out there!
Why should I choose Circle Surrogacy?

Whether you are an intended parent, a surrogate or an egg donor, when you embark on a journey with Circle, we promise to be beside you every step of the way. We promise to educate, lead and guide you through your surrogacy and egg donation journey. We will work tirelessly to help you achieve success and fulfill your dream.

We are a full-service agency. You will work closely with a Journey Coordination team who will guide and support you throughout your entire journey, including social work, legal and billing support. Circle is the only agency in the world to provide unparalleled program offerings for parents, such as unlimited surrogate and egg donor matching, and an unlimited IVF package. We employ an in-house legal staff who is well-versed in reproductive and surrogacy law and insurance contracts.

At Circle, we have the highest level of dedication to building families than any other agency. We'll help you navigate the road, smooth the bumps, and cheer when we reach our destination. Every person who works at Circle is dedicated to doing everything they can to help you build your family. The Circle Staff goes above and beyond to help you achieve your dream of parenthood.

How do I begin the process?
Starting your surrogacy journey begins with a complimentary consultation with our experienced team. You'll speak with an attorney as well as a process consultant. In this meeting you'll have an opportunity to share your story with us and why you're chosen surrogacy to grow your family, and we'll explain about our process and program offerings, and answer any questions you have.
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How does the matching process work?

Intended parents and surrogates are matched based on certain criteria. As an intended parent, you'll work closely with your Program Coordination team to find the perfect surrogate match.

Read more about the matching process.

What does the legal process involve before and after the birth?
Circle’s legal team coordinates with local attorneys to ensure that you are properly matched with a surrogate in a state where you can accomplish the necessary legal work to finalize your parental rights. You will need to have wills finalized prior to the embryo transfer that ensure that a guardian is in place to care for your children in the event of your death. (If you live in the United States, Circle’s legal team can draft these for you.) Once you are matched, we negotiate contracts on your behalf with independent attorneys who represent the egg donor and/or surrogate. Circle works with local attorneys in the states where the surrogates reside in order to accomplish the legal work necessary to secure your parental rights. Depending on a variety of factors, your surrogacy legal work may include a pre-birth order, a voluntary acknowledgement of paternity, a judgment of paternity, a custody orders, or an adoption.