Egg Donation Program for prospective parents.

Our Egg Donation program helps intended parents who require an egg donor, but not a gestational surrogate, find their desired donor and begin their journey towards parenthood.

Take the first step
 We help you find the perfect match.

We help you find the perfect match.

Our Egg Donation Program gives you access to our egg donation staff, who will assist you in selecting an egg donor and coordinating with the IVF clinic of your choice.

Circle also offers Unlimited Egg Donor Matching, providing unlimited additional matches with Circle Egg Donors until a live birth is achieved.

Another Egg Donor Matching option is our Concierge Matching Program, where Circle will act as liaison between intended parents and partner agencies for all legal, accounting and insurance needs, as well as provide unlimited additional matches with Circle egg donors until a live birth is achieved.

 We're with you all the way.

We're with you all the way.

Regardless of the egg donation program you choose, our team of experienced professionals are with you throughout the entirety of your parenting journey. Whatever type of guidance and support you might need is available from our journey support team, social workers, accountants and lawyers.

Egg Donation

Egg Donation Program Costs

Agency Costs $8,000
- Access to and assistance with choosing from Circle Egg Donors and donors from partner agencies, whether known or anonymous

- Coordination of egg donation process, including legal, insurance, IVF, travel

- Create & maintain Trust Account, distribute monthly statements
Estimated Legal & Screening Costs $5,400
- Egg Donor’s screening, including social work screening & psychological exam

- Cost for Egg Donor Agreement, including separate representation for Intended
Parents and Egg Donor

- Estimated cost for Egg Donor’s travel expenses for one screening
Egg Donor's Estimated Payment $9,000
- Estimated payment to a first time Circle or partner agency Egg Donor
Egg Donor Costs at Match $4,300
- Estimated expenses for complications insurance for Egg Donor’s retrieval

- Estimated cost for Egg Donor’s travel expenses for one retrieval

- Includes allowance of $1,000 for contingencies, such as additional travel, reimbursements to Egg Donor and/or misc. screening expenses

Committed to helping control costs.

To offset some expenses of surrogacy, Circle Surrogacy is committed to keeping costs as low as possible through strategic partnerships and financing options for LGBTQ+, heterosexual and international individuals and couples.