How gay men find an egg donor.

Finding an egg donor is a big step in your family building journey. Learn how LGBTQ+ singles and couples go about choosing a donor, what to look for in a donor, and how to agree with your partner on which egg donor is the best match.

 How do you choose the right egg donor?

How do you choose the right egg donor?

Finding the perfect egg donor can be a stressful process. After all, you are selecting the young woman who will be providing half of your baby's biology.

If you're a gay couple, and you're both submitting biology, it's not as easy to have an image of what your child will be like. Making a decision to what the other half of your child's biology will be can be a little harder. Some gay dads base the characteristics they look for in an egg donor on those of a close friend or family member.

Education? Appearance? Ethnicity? Personality? As you start your search, it's a good idea to have some thoughts as to what's important to you in an egg donor match.

And remember, nature vs nurture – not every characteristic or trait is hereditary!

 Our advice to finding an egg donor: Be flexible!

Our advice to finding an egg donor: Be flexible!

Perhaps you have NO idea what you're looking for in an egg donor, or how to start your search. That's okay! Some intended parents take the "I'll know it when I see it" approach and create their list of criteria as they start looking through profiles.

Gay dads have told us that the ideal woman they thought they wanted as an egg donor, is not even close to the woman they ended up matching with.

Perhaps you have done your homework and have a list of 10 criteria you're looking for in an egg donor…only to find that there aren't any egg donors who meet your full list. Re-evaluate your list and prioritize your top 5 criteria and restart your search.

For example, one gay couple considered education and appearance to be their top priorities. As they started looking through our egg donor database, they weren't finding exactly what they were looking for. They removed some of the criteria from their search, and ended up finding their perfect woman, whose reasons for becoming an egg donor hooked them immediately.

The more open-minded you can be, the easier it will be to find your perfect match.

 What is 'Known Egg Donation'?

What is 'Known Egg Donation'?

It used to be that the only type of egg donation available was anonymous, and intended parents had no relationship or identifying details about their donor. Today, many intended parents choose 'Known Donation' and have relationships with their egg donors. We have found that it gives children a sense of who they are and where they came from.

With Known Donation, Intended parents and the egg donor learn each other's names and have the opportunity to get to know each other. Circle believes knowing where he/she came from is important for a child's sense of identity. In addition, known egg donation allows you and your children to remain updated about the your egg donor's medical history as it changes over time.

Parents and egg donors can also choose between two other types of egg donation:

Semi-Known Donation in which a limited amount of information is exchanged

Anonymous donation in which there is no open contact or communication between parents and the donor.

3 things gay men need to know before choosing an egg donor

1. Circle has a thorough egg donor screening process

Egg donors who work with Circle need to meet a variety of medical, psychological, and demographic screening requirements to make sure they’re a healthy reproductive match for your family. Egg donors fill out lengthy questionnaires, and participate in a thorough screening with a social worker prior to be accepted into our program.

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2. Circle offers Unlimited Egg Donor Matching

The Circle team does everything in our power to make your egg donation experience seamless and hassle-free. That’s why we offer Unlimited Egg Donor Matching, meaning we’ll keep matching you with new Circle Egg Donors until a live birth is achieved. It may take more (or less!) time than you expect, but working with our team means you’ll eventually find the right donor. It’s just one more thing you don’t have to worry about.

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3. Circle is the most experienced egg donation agency

Circle is a premier egg donor agency with almost 25 years of experience, and is partnered with outstanding IVF clinics and other field-leading institutions around the country. Our staff brings a wealth of egg donation experience, and full confidence that we can help you choose the perfect egg donor. We’re ready will guide you through the entire egg donation process and help you coordinate with an IVF clinic of your choice.

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