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Gay parenting: choosing a surrogacy agency.

A surrogacy journey is like a detailed puzzle, the two most important pieces of which are trust and honesty. Working with an established, flexible, and reputable agency can make the surrogacy process much less intimidating, and can help reduce the stress and uncertainty in your surrogacy journey.

 Your agency is the surrogacy expert, so you don't have to be.

Your agency is the surrogacy expert, so you don't have to be.

At Circle Surrogacy, we've been helping the LGBTQ+ community become parents for over 27 years. We bring an immense amount of experience to surrogacy, which by nature is a very complicated process.

A tremendous amount of coordination and planning goes into a surrogacy journey, as well as legal contracts. A surrogacy agency works with intended parents each and every day. By letting the experts focus on managing and guiding your journey, you can focus on enjoying the experience and preparing for the arrival of your baby!
 We protect your parenting rights.

We protect your parenting rights.

Circle Surrogacy's accomplished legal team helps confirm that your parental rights are affirmed and safeguarded. Whether you obtain a second-parent adoption, judgment of paternity/maternity or custody orders, we're here to help you become a parent and find solutions that protect your family.

What's included in our program:

What gay dads-to-be should look for in a surrogacy agency.

Experience working with LGBTQ+ parents

Circle was founded by a lawyer and gay dad through surrogacy. Our legal staff is experienced in the legal rights of the LGBTQ+ community and stay educated as the laws change. Each state and country has specific laws and regulations for same sex IPs. Working with an agency that has this level of expertise in both social work and law helps to ensure a positive and successful journey for IPs.

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Partnership and support for your entire journey.

Larger surrogacy agencies such as Circle, are able to provide intended parents full-service support throughout their journey. Circle employs accountants, program managers, lawyers and social workers all under one roof, which allows intended parents to have their journeys managed by one team at one agency, eliminating the need for third parties.

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Transparency for all surrogacy costs.

Your agency fee covers the costs of your agency to manage your journey (including legal fees), and can help control costs in the long run. Circle Surrogacy is transparent about how much surrogacy costs, so you don't find surprise costs along the way. Circle gives intended parents an accurate picture of the cost of the entire journey upfront so they can make appropriate financial plans.

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