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Premier Egg Donation Agency

Circle Egg Donation has worked with egg donors and parents through egg donation for over two decades. Our egg donor process, experienced staff, and bright, young women in our egg donor database make our egg donation program the perfect match for intended parents.

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 Parenthood through egg donation.

Parenthood through egg donation.

Why do parents choose egg donation?

For some parents, they know immediately that they require the help of an egg donor. For other parents, the need to find an egg donor comes after they have tried to grow their families on their own.

However you've come to egg donation to become parents, building your family through egg donation is a wonderful want to fulfill your dreams.

 The egg donation process.

The egg donation process.

Circle Surrogacy and Egg Donation is a full-service egg donation agency; coordinating all aspects of your egg donation—from screening and matching to contract negotiation with our in-house legal team.

Our process involves:

• Reviewing and processing applications
• Educating potential egg donors
• Conducting psychosocial screenings
• Connecting intended parents and egg donors
• Coordinating with your IVF clinic
• Managing your egg donor’s travel and monitoring needs
• Drafting and negotiating a contract between you and your egg donor
• Protecting your parental rights

3 different types of egg donation.

Known egg donation

For known egg donation, Circle will share contact information between egg donors and intended parents. This allows you to build a relationship, get to know each other, and enables you to have contact with each in the future.

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Semi-known egg donation

In this type of egg donation, first names and area of residence are shared between the egg donor and intended parents. Then, donors and parents may choose to have some limited (and anonymous) contact with each other.

Parent FAQs

Anonymous egg donation

In this type of egg donation, there is no exchange of identifying information or contact between intended parents and the egg donor. Any communication or information is managed through the agency.

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What should I look for in an egg donor?

There are many different criteria by which you can search for you prefect egg donor match. Some intended parents look for egg donors who physically resemble family members. Other intended parents focus on personality traits they'd like to see in their future children. While other parents make the donor's family medical history a priority.

Can I work with my current IVF clinic?

Yes! You may use a fertility clinic with which you already have a relationship, or Circle can help you select a clinic. We have built relationships with clinics from all over the United States. We will coordinate with your clinic throughout the entire process.

How do I join an egg donation program?

The first step in learning more about becoming an parent through egg donation is to set up a consultation with our Egg Donation Manager. During your meeting you can discuss your hopes for parenthood through egg donation, the egg donor process, egg donation costs and how to best match with an egg donor.