Why Women Become Surrogates?

Why Do Women Become Surrogates with Circle Surrogacy?

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"Surrogates to me are very special. I think their work is more inspiring than our work." - Dr. Daneshmand

Dr. Daneshmand, a fertility specialist and Circle Surrogacy-affiliated IVF doctor from San Diego Fertility Center, explains the requirements to become a surrogate as well as the altruistic heart and soul of the inspiring women who sign on to help families. 

Surrogates are a very special group of women with incredible impact. Feeling compelled to do the research and go through the application process to give one of the greatest gifts anyone can give is partly what makes them such incredible individuals. 

Without our surrogates, Circle would not be possible. Many of our surrogates are inspired to become surrogates because their pregnancies were easy. Surrogate in most cases have already completed their families, and now want to help others build their families. Often surrogates reference a family member or close friend whose infertility struggles inspired them as well.