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Earn $1,000 with our surrogate referral program.

In our experience, we've found that generous and amazing women (like our surrogates!) surround themselves with other generous and amazing women. Because of this, we love getting surrogate candidate referrals from our current and past surrogates. After all, no one knows better than you how truly rewarding it is to be a gestational surrogate.

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 How our referral program works.

How our referral program works.

If you refer a surrogate applicant to Circle Surrogacy, you will be eligible to receive a Referral Bonus of $1,000. We hope you will be willing to spread this message to your friends, colleagues, and peers!

For each woman you refer to our program, who then meets the requirements below, you will receive a referral bonus. The more women you refer, the more you can earn!

If you have someone in mind, please ask her to complete our online surrogate application. Please make sure she lists your name as her referral source on the application. Once she is accepted for a psychosocial screening, she should let the social worker know who referred her. Current surrogates who have referred a candidate can also let their program coordination team knows that she referred someone to our program.

 How to receive your bonus.

How to receive your bonus.

You will receive your referral bonus once your referred surrogate passes her medical screening and signs her contract with her IPs.

Please note: If the surrogate is referred by more than one person, the referral fee will be split between the referees.

If have any questions about the process, please email [email protected].

Surrogates who apply will earn a $500 Expedited Screening Payment

If you refer a surrogate and she completes her prescreening tasks in a timely manner and she meets all of the requirements laid out on our compensation page she'll receive a $500 expedited screening payment.

Plus, we're offering our Circle Surrogate Guarantee:

  • The $500 Expedited Bonus
  • The ability to match with parents in 30 days or less
  • The security of working with a well-established and financially stable surrogacy agency for her journey

What type of women become surrogates?

If you know someone who's interested in becoming a surrogate mother, and she's wondering if she'd make a good surrogate, here are some thoughts you an share about what it takes for a woman to be a successful surrogate.

First, a successful surrogate mother must meet all of the surrogate requirements put forth by a surrogacy agency and IVF clinics.

Next, a potential surrogate applicant should know that surrogates are human beings who are willing and able to do something incredible for someone else.

Here are qualities that a surrogate mother should have. A surrogate mother should be:


A surrogate should be honest about everything. Throughout pregnancy, unexpected questions and concerns will arise, and absolute transparency and communication will be key. Being truthful encourages communication. This will help to foster the surrogate-intended parent relationship and make the experience all the more worthwhile and meaningful.


If you're a super-organized person, you may make a great surrogate! Surrogacy is a huge commitment. There are many items to coordinate, including travel, screenings, evaluations, treatments, and — last but certainly not least — the actual pregnancy. All this on top of her own life, family and kids, and it can be a little overwhelming. That’s why it’s vital she be on top of her game and know how to efficiently manage her time. And, it’s important that she understands that surrogacy may need to take precedence over other commitments.


Above everything else, a surrogate should have a clear understanding of surrogacy, the surrogacy process, medications, commitments and more. The more knowledge a surrogate acquires, the smoother the journey will be. Those interested in surrogacy can learn by asking questions and conducting research. From the first day of screening to the day she leaves the hospital after delivery, she should fully know her role. At Circle, the entire Surrogate Prescreening Team are experienced surrogates. So from the very first email or phone call, women are able to gain an understanding of what the process is like…from someone who has been through it!


Women who are becoming gestational surrogates need to be in good shape. A prospective surrogate should be in excellent overall health to ensure that both she and the baby come through the process safe and sound. Additionally, prenatal care is very important for any woman who is expecting to conceive.

A successful pregnancy requires that the surrogate not consume alcohol, not smoke, eat a well-balanced diet, cut out certain foods, get enough sleep, be active and have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of no higher than 33. Weight plays a role because the levels of body fat can affect conception as estrogen is stored and produced in fat cells. The BMI limits are set by the fertility clinics to ensure a woman will respond properly to medications.


As anyone who has given birth before knows that there are a wide range of physical and emotional aspects that result from pregnancy. Having a positive and supportive personal environment is just as important as having the proper medical care when it comes to getting through the journey. A great surrogate should have more than one person in her support system and be willing to talk openly about her involvement in the program. When a surrogate tells her family and friends about the journey, the experience is that much more rewarding.

Is it ok to refer a surrogate during COVID-19?

It is absolutely ok to refer someone to apply to become a surrogate during the Coronavirus outbreak. Circle Surrogacy wrote a blog post about the impact of Coronavirus on surrogacy for intended parents and surrogates.

If a woman were to apply to become a surrogate now, it would be 1-2 months before she was matched, and a few months after that until she were to be pregnant. She wouldn't deliver until 2021.