Surrogacy Relationships | Intended Parents and Surrogates

The relationship between surrogate mothers and intended parents is the key to a successful surrogacy experience.

As a relationship-based agency, Circle Surrogacy aims to create and support open and communicative relationships between surrogates and intended parents. This starts at the consultation and application stages, when we learn about your personalities, what drew you to surrogacy, and, most importantly, what you are looking for in a match. 

Once we propose a match, you’ll have a chance to learn about your intended parent(s) or surrogate, and decide if you want to move forward with them. You’ll participate in a match call via Skype and have the opportunity to meet and ask questions. If you both feel good about moving forward, you’re considered matched.

After we’ve introduced you to your surrogate or intended parents, we’ll arrange for contracts to be negotiated, so you can focus on fostering your relationship with each other. In the event of any bumps in the road, our surrogate and intended parent support teams (made up of licensed clinical social workers) will help you get the assistance you need.

Surrogacy relationships can take many forms. Some parents and surrogates become lifelong friends and even plan joint family vacations years after their journeys are over. Others stay in frequent communication during the process but seek a relationship that is less tight-knit after the birth. Of course either is fine – our parents and surrogates enjoy a variety of types of relationship after the process ends.

The important thing is that intended parents and surrogates who join Circle’s program can commit to healthy open and honest communication with each other during the journey. The specific nature of the relationship is up to everyone’s comfort level. The more you share about your matching preferences during application and consultation phases, the easier it will be to match you with a good fit!