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Surrogacy and Egg Donation Guides

Our free guides introduce you to the basics of surrogacy and egg donation. Download one or all of them to learn more about these processes, get answers to common questions, and take the first step toward family life.  

An Introduction to Surrogacy: A guide for women considering becoming surrogates

A gestational surrogate is a woman who carries a child to term for intended parents who cannot have children on their own. Find details on whether you fit the requirements, how becoming a surrogate helps a couple or individual in need, the application process, the agency’s role, compensation, and much more. 

An Introduction to Surrogacy and Egg Donation: A guide for intended parents.

Gestational surrogacy and egg donation help those who cannot have children on their own to become parents. It’s a process that requires medical and legal expertise. Find out how our agency handles each stage, supporting you each step of the way toward parenthood.

A Guide to Choosing Your Egg Donor

The process of finding an egg donor to help you start your family can sometimes be overwhelming. This guide offers guidance to those who are in the state of choosing a donor. Learn about who becomes an egg donor and the requirements, the different types of egg donors available, how to navigate our online egg donor database.  

SPAR: Information for Surrogates

There is no better gift than being a surrogate for a family in need. And thanks to The Bedford Research Foundation’s research, it is now possible to give this gift to HIV+ intended parents (IPS) who are HIV+. The Foundation’s breakthrough research allows HIV+ IPs to have their own biological children without passing the virus to their child(ren) or the woman carrying their child(ren).

Introduction to Egg Donation: A guide for prospective egg donors.

If you’re curious about becoming an egg donor, you’re in the right place. This guide covers frequently asked questions, the application and screening process, compensation, requirements, and much more. And egg donors can earn up to $10,000 per egg donation.

Egg Donation & Infertility: A guide for intended parents.

Egg donation helps build families for people who have been unable to have children on their own. The download covers the egg donor selection process, medical procedures, matching, costs, legal aspects, known vs. anonymous donation, and a multitude of other topics. Also view an excerpt from an egg donor’s profile! 

Surrogacy and Egg Donation Costs: A guide for intended parents.

This guide offers a brief overview of the costs associated with surrogacy, egg donation, IVF, and other aspects of assisted reproductive technologies (ART). Learn what agency fees cover, how much to put aside, and other relevant information.

An Introduction to Surrogacy and Egg Donation: A guide for LGBT intended parents.

Many same-sex couples need the assistance of a surrogate and egg donor to turn their dream of having a family into reality. This guide offers information on legal services, costs, the matching process, SPAR, and much more.

Exploring Surrogacy and Egg Donation: A guide for cancer patients and survivors.

Circle is proud to have helped build families through surrogacy for many intended parents who have gone through cancer. Most of these experiences have been with heterosexual couples. We have helped many survivors of ovarian, breast, and cervical cancers to become mothers.

Egg Donation Costs: A guide for intended parents.

Circle Egg Donation aims to be a resource for intended parents, surrogates, and egg donors with its free downloadable guides. Topics range from first-time egg donation and a breakdown of fees, to a personalized cost estimate. 

A Surrogate Mother's Pay: A financial guide for surrogates.

Gain an understanding on the financial side of surrogacy for gestational carriers. Learn how a surrogate's base fee is determined, what factors play a role in the final payment, and much more.

Egg Donation: The medical side of donating your eggs.

Gain an understanding on the medical side of donating your eggs. Learn about the fertility treatments, the role of hormones, and the overall process.

Surrogacy in the United States: A guide for intended parents.

Thinking about becoming a parent through surrogacy, but live in a country where it's not yet legal? If so, surrogacy in the United States may be for you.Learn more about the process in this free guide, which offers insight on international surrogacy and answers to common questions.

Sibling Journey: Growing your family through surrogacy and egg donation.

Moving forward with a sibling journey is an exciting time for your family. Find out a bit more on how it differs from your first surrogacy and how to get started.

Applying to Become a Surrogate: Everything you want to know.

Many women who are interested in become surrogates don't know what the process entails. This downloadable guide offers a clear overview of the steps involved in applying. 

Special Program of Assisted Reproduction (SPAR): An introductory guide to surrogacy for HIV+ intended parents.

Many same-sex couples need the assistance of a surrogate and egg donor to turn their dream of having a family into reality. This guide offers information on legal services, costs, the matching process, SPAR, and much more.

Top 5 Egg Donation Questions: Answers for intended parents.

People who are interested in becoming parents through egg donation have many questions about the process. In this guide, we answer the five most common questions we get from intended parents.

Surrogacy and Your Body: The medical side of being a surrogate.

Are you interested in becoming a surrogate, but are unsure how it affects your body? If so, you're in the right place. Our free downloadable guide takes you through the process of surrogacy, including the fertility treatment and embryo transfer.

Known Egg Donation: Connecting Egg Donors and Intended Parents

Circle believes that known egg donation, when intended parents and egg donors meet and exchange contact information, lends to a more rewarding experience. Learn about its benefits and how it differs from identified and anonymous egg donations. 

Surrogacy Financing: Options for U.S. Intended Parents

Surrogacy is a wonderful family-building option; however, the overwhelming costs associated with it can be the biggest deciding factor for intended parents. For this very reason, Circle Surrogacy has partnered with Prosper Healthcare Lending to offer our U.S. intended parent’s greater financial freedom and flexibility. 

Surrogacy and the Law: Understanding the Legal Principles Behind Surrogacy.

The legal aspects of surrogacy can be confusing, not to mention intimidating to those who are not familiar with law. In this guide, you will learn about how different states address surrogacy; the types of legal work that is required for surrogacy; second-parent adoptions and birth orders; a brief overview about our surrogates; and how to start your surrogacy journey with Circle Surrogacy.