VIDEO: From Los Angeles to Melbourne: Matching at Circle Surrogacy

In this video, Gina, a surrogate from Los Angeles, shares her philosophy about matching with her intended parent from Melbourne.

Many of our employees at Circle Surrogacy are former surrogates. Their advice is valuable throughout the process for surrogates looking to decide what's important for their journey. Since every journey is different, we match the surrogate's expectations with the intended parent's expectations.

After speaking with Gina, we reached out to Heather Manojlovic, a Circle Surrogate Outreach Coordinator who has completed two surrogacy journeys. When asked about her experience, Heather said, "Both times I left my matching criteria very open. In 2015 I came to Circle as a return carrier elated to expand my horizons with another life-changing experience."

According to Heather, she was excited about the world of possibilities. "The first IP profile I received was that of a foreign IP," she recounts.

"My initial reaction was that the experience would allow me to learn about another individual's culture and customs. I was eager to proceed forward. After we met during our initial Skype we began a courtship of sorts, scheduling times to call and trying to balance our time zone differences to coordinate."

Heather and her intended parent used WhatsApp. WhatsApp is a free and secure messaging and calling app available on phones all over the world. 

Writing back and forth to one another through WhatsApp was a great way for Heather and her intended parent to get to know each other.

"We enjoyed sharing pictures and screenshots of our day-to-day lives along with details about the holidays and our family plans. I loved having a glimpse into their world and enjoyed sharing my world with them," she added.

Their communication on WhatsApp continued throughout their journey all the way to parenthood. Even now, they connect from time to time.

"The benefits from this experience have been life altering. It was such a beautiful experience to encounter and learn about my IP's views and beliefs. I appreciate having the opportunity to carry for a foreign intended parent as it allowed me to have a global experience," Heather added.

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