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Founded in 1995, Circle Surrogacy is the world’s largest full-service surrogate parenting agency serving clients worldwide. We work with intended parents from all backgrounds, including gay couples, heterosexual couples, and singles. Our dedicated staff of attorneys, social workers, program coordinators, experienced surrogates, and parents through surrogacy have been involved in the birth of more than 1,450 babies.

Circle Surrogacy has achieved unparalleled success rates for our intended parents by controlling costs, securing high-quality IVF treatment, and focusing on our matching process. Our innovative offerings include unlimited matching, unlimited IVF, a fixed fee program, and a concierge program. We also offer simple financing options to U.S. residents for surrogacy and egg donation.  

Meet with Circle Surrogacy in Florida 

Circle Surrogacy offers complimentary consultations in Florida and over Skype. Monday through Friday, and some Saturdays, where you'll meet with a process consultant and an attorney to review our programs and our agency protocols. The consultation team addresses the process of matching with a surrogate and/or egg donor, legal implications, insurance, surrogacy costs, financing (where applicable), and much more. 

To request a consultation Monday through Friday, please click here.  

Working with Florida IVF Clinics


Circle Surrogacy has established relationships with IVF clinics throughout the United States. These relationships allow you to take advantage of special pricing packages that we have negotiated. However, the decision of which fertility clinic to use is entirely the decision of the intended parents. Circle Surrogacy will work with any fertility clinic that the intended parents choose, as long as they will be able to coordinate with our agency.

Featured Documentary on Circle

Elite Daily featured a Circle Surrogacy journey as part of their short documentary series 2016. To date, over 1 million people have watched Michael's amazing journey with his surrogate, Jenna.

Meet Amanda Harry, Program Manager
Welcome!  My name is Amanda Harry and I am a Program Manager here at Circle Surrogacy. I currently live and work in beautiful Panama City, Florida.  I am here to be a resource for intended parents from Florida who are interested in beginning a surrogacy journey. A few years ago I left the busy world of government to follow my heart and begin a new career. 
Family is a very important part of my life and I love being a mother.  Therefore, in essence there was really no better career choice than helping others achieve their dream of parenthood. At Circle Surrogacy, one of the things that I love the most and sets us apart from a lot of companies is the fact that we always have someone available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to answer any questions, respond to any anxiety, celebrate any joy and sympathize with any setback or loss.  You can’t always find that and I really feel honored to be a part of a company – a family - that has that mindset.I am very thankful for all the joy I see Circle Surrogacy bring to the lives of so many people and blessed to play a small part. Circle grows families – what a wonderful thing!


Thanks so much to everyone at Circle who has helped us with our two successful journeys. Thank you particularly for finding us the most amazing surrogate ever, and for all the help on the legal work that gives us the benefit of a birth certificate with two Dads on it. 

If somebody had told me on the day that we walked into Circle to meet John and others that we would have 3 beautiful children a mere 3 years later, I would have told them they were nuts! We are very blessed and appreciative for all your help. - Two Appreciative Dads

It truly is amazing that this whole journey has gone so well. It has changed our lives forever and there is no possible way to say thank you for a gift like this.Thank you Circle for making this possible and for making dreams come true for (former) childless couples like us! - Anne and Tommy

We were in good hands with you.Thank you so much for your help on this journey. Our son is awesome. Top on our list of thanks is our surrogate, followed not far behind by you and the rest of the Circle team that helped make this happen. I had both kids on my lap the other day just hanging out and experienced a new kind of 'happy' - down to the core happy. - Greg

Thank you! Thank all of you!!!! Words can not describe the emotions that we feel. Each and every one of you added a very important direction on this wonderful journey. From the bottom of my heart to the top of the world... THANK YOU for our beautiful babies!!! - C& C 


Why should I choose Circle Surrogacy?

Circle is the only agency in the world to guarantee a baby at a guaranteed cost, including guaranteed insurance coverage for your surrogate.  Circle guarantees babies because it has partnered with IVF clinics whose success rates are so high they are willing to provide a single price for unlimited IVFs until you have a baby.  

Circle guarantees costs by reviewing its costs from year to year and understanding both the best and worst case scenarios, so that it can add a small bit of insurance to protect itself against unexpected happenings and agreeing to take on those bills itself, rather than pass them on to the Intended Parents. It guarantees insurance by having numerous lawyers there to read insurance contracts, protect Intended Parents and Surrogates from insurance company refusals to pay and being backed up by Lloyds of London due to its long history of success. 

Circle also thinks long term. Developed by a lawyer who himself is the father of two kids through surrogacy, Circle looks first to the best interest of the child, recommending relationships with surrogates and known donation to allow children to dispel the mystery of their birth and to remain acquainted with their genetic parent(to get to meet her if they wish and to keep apprised of any changes in her medical history).  It looks next to the best interest of its carefully selected surrogates to make sure they feel good about the amazing gift they are giving, through providing them with support and fostering their relationship with the parents.  And, to no lesser degree, it looks next at the needs of the individual or couple, making sure that, if a couple, they both are interested in having children, that they have support systems in place and that they are both considered the legal parents of the child, whenever possible.”

Since its inception, when John Weltman ran Circle by himself, Circle has deeply cared that there would always be someone there to respond to your needs.  No agency goes farther to make sure that there is someone 24 hours a day 7 days a week to answer any question, respond to any anxiety, celebrate any joy, and sympathize with any setback or loss.  We care hugely about providing you with personalized attention, and with having enough experts on hand that no matter what your need or question, we will respond to it for you. 

How do I begin the process?

All prospective parents—couples or singles, gay or heterosexual, domestic or international—begin with a free consultation. How long does the whole surrogacy process take?The length of the process depends on several factors. We typically tell intended parents to plan on a year and a half from the time they sign on. The timeline can vary depending on the legal requirements involved and the course of the IVF treatment.

Which IVF clinics do you work with?

We have built relationships with several IVF clinics across the country. Our established relationships give you access to discounted rates we have negotiated. However, Circle Surrogacy will work with any fertility clinic that the intended parents choose as long as the clinic is able to coordinate with our agency. We encourage intended parents to evaluate several fertility clinics and choose the one that they feel best meets their needs.

What does the legal process involve before and after the birth?

Circle’s legal team coordinates with local attorneys to ensure you are properly matched with a surrogate in a state where you can accomplish the necessary legal work to finalize your parental rights. Once you are matched, we negotiate contracts on your behalf. Your surrogate and your egg donor (if needed) will have independent counsel. Depending on a variety of factors, your surrogacy legal work may include a pre-birth order, a voluntary acknowledgement of paternity, a judgment of paternity, a custody orders, or an adoption. 

Are there contracts with the surrogate or the egg donor? 

Yes. Once you are matched with a surrogate or egg donor, we will draft an agreement and negotiate it on your behalf. These contracts cover everything from the medical procedure to reimbursements to the relationship with the child.

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