Choosing an IVF Clinic that’s Right for You

Choosing an IVF Clinic that’s Right for You

When you start looking into IVF clinics, your options may seem overwhelming, but we’re here to help! How do IVF centers differ from one another, and what are the most important things to look for? Here are some of the main factors to assess when looking for an IVF clinic that fits your needs.

Clinic Type 

Clinics can have a sole practitioner, a small number of physicians, or a large practice. Large practices may have more resources, such as an in-house lab, but they will also have more staff. This may mean communication with nurses or not seeing the same doctor every visit. No matter the size, you should look for clinics that have a wide variety of treatment options. 

There are also university-based clinics that may have an advantage with assisted reproductive technology, but then medical students may be present during exams. It’s important to remember that university-based and hospital-based clinics may not have the same reputation as the university or hospital affiliated with it, so they should still be assessed with the same factors in mind.


It’s of the utmost importance that you are comfortable throughout your time at a fertility clinic. The staff should be helpful, friendly, and make you comfortable both with the process and with the clinic’s environment. The staff could include physicians, nurses, and lab technicians, and as you ask questions you should note how your concerns are addressed.


Fertility treatment includes regular appointments so using an IVF clinic near you is something you might consider, and you can ask friends and family that live near you if they have any recommendations. Of course while location is something to think about, it’s just one of many factors, and if there is a clinic that with fits your needs, the travel is worth the time.

Success Rates

IVF clinics are lawfully required to report success rates to the Center for Disease Control Prevention, which can be found here. Although, the most recent report is from 2012 and there are very little statistics on surrogacy IVF statistics. You can call up a clinic and ask them directly what their success rates are. This may seem like the “end all be all” factor when deciding where you go, but it is not.

Some fertility clinics may not accept certain individuals because of their age or if they have had a failed IVF attempt in order to keep their success rates high. Look at turn down rates and what their acceptance policies are too. Success rates can be telling, but they’re just another factor to evaluate accumulatively with the others.

Financial Package Deals

Fertility treatments can add up, but in pursuing the process through Circle we help you with insurance, and the fertility clinics you have in mind can give you a quote a head of time. That way you’re able to sit down and compare prices before committing. IVF centers can also have payment plans and financial package deals like refund programs, unlimited IVF, and many more options to think about.

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