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Intended Parents with Cancer

Surrogacy for Cancer Survivors

As a cancer survivor, you may have thought that holding your baby in your arms was something you'd never get to experience. With Circle Surrogacy, your aspirations of having a family can become reality with our comprehensive surrogacy process, fixed cost program and experienced team, including cancer survivors who are parents through surrogacy.

Infertility After Cancer

Facing infertility after cancer can be an emotionally difficult time. As you begin looking forward – and to family building – there are considerations unique to you. There are options for you to become a parent after cancer.


Circle’s experienced team will answer your questions and guide you from your very first conversation. There are Circle team members who are cancer survivors and parents through surrogacy, who can share their stories and personal experiences with this process.


As you think about your family-building options, consider the below as a guide in taking your first steps:

If you were able to undergo fertility preservation methods (i.e., egg preservation) you can explore using IVF to carry a pregnancy.

If you were unable to preserve eggs and are not capable of doing so, you may choose to work with an egg donor. However, you may still be able to carry your child to term.

If your cancer has affected your ability to carry a child, you may choose to work with a surrogate (gestational carrier). You may or may not require the assistance of an egg donor as well.

You should speak to your oncologist and/or a reproductive endocrinologist (some of whom are specialists in oncofertility) to determine what would be the best option for you.

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A full-service agency with in-house social workers, lawyers, intake associates and accountants

A variety of programs so you can choose the one that best fits your needs

Support and empathy from a dedicated, passionate staff

Partnerships with best-in-class fertility clinics across the United States

On-staff cancer survivors and parents through the program who are happy to share their stories and experiences

An egg donor program partner  – Everie – that offers fresh and frozen egg donation and promote disclosed (known) donation and mutual matching between parents and donors 

Networking group for intended parents in their program who have come to surrogacy after a medical diagnosis, such as cancer.

Why Cancer Survivors Choose Circle as Their Agency

Cancer survivors choose Circle as their partner agency for family building because of our decades-long experience with surrogacy, our compassionate team, and our exclusive program offerings which include:

Surrogacy Support for Cancer Survivors

Our family-building programs allow cancer survivors to find the right path to parenthood.

With a deep understanding of infertility after cancer, Circle will work with you to ensure you are ready emotionally, mentally and physically to begin a surrogacy journey.

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Partnerships and Organizations

Over the years, Circle has supported and solidified partnerships with cancer-focused organizations and groups. Through speaking engagements and conferences, we've partnered with the following groups: Stupid Cancer and also participated in events with organizations such as SC’s CancerCon and the OMG Stupid Cancer Summit, the Young Survival Coalition and the Oncofertility Consortium & Gilda’s Club.

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Take The First Step

  • At Circle, our first priority is always your health – ensuring you're ready for a surrogacy journey both physically and mentally. Cancer treatments are different for everyone, and continue to evolve. We suggest that you fill out a parent form to be connected with our Parent team, where you can speak with a cancer survivor and parent through surrogacy and discuss the best path forward.

  • Yes. In fact, Circle has cancer survivors on staff who are parents through surrogacy, who are more than happy to share their personal stories, and help support and guide you through the process. Circle also offers a networking group for intended parents in their program who have come to surrogacy after a medical diagnosis, such as cancer. You’ll have the opportunity to meet and connect with other intended parents who may have had similar experiences that led them to surrogacy.

FAQs for Surrogacy After Cancer

Below you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions about pursuing surrogacy after cancer. You can read our full list of FAQs about the general surrogacy process from intended parents here.

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