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Become a Parent in Australia with U.S. Surrogacy

Melbourne, Australia: Sunday, June 30th to Wednesday, July 3rd

Sydney, Australia: Wednesday, July 3rd to Saturday, July 6th

It is safe and secure to become a parent through surrogacy in the United States if you live in Australia. Circle Surrogacy is a surrogacy agency in the U.S. that has brought over 3,200 babies into the world since 1995. We help intended parents in Australia have the families of their dreams.

Private Consultations with Circle Surrogacy in Australia

Private consultations with Circle Surrogacy are free and allow us to hear your story and what brought you to surrogacy. We'll also discuss an overview of our program and agency protocols, matching with a surrogate mother, surrogacy costs, insurance and much more.

You'll meet with an Assisted Reproductive Technology Law Attorney from the U.S. and Circle’s Head of International Client Services. You will also have the opportunity to ask any question in a private setting. 


A consultation is not a commitment, it's a way for you to learn more about becoming a parent through U.S. surrogacy.


Circle Surrogacy is currently booking private complimentary in-person consultations from the following cities in Australia.  Morning, afternoon, and evening times are available:

Melbourne, Australia: Sunday, June 30th to Wednesday, July 3rd

Sydney, Australia: Wednesday, July 3rd to Saturday, July 6th

To request a consultation, please fill out the registration by clicking the button.

Information Sessions for Australians

U.S. Surrogacy and IVF information sessions will be taking place in three cities in Australia next month – Melbourne, and Sydney.


Hosted by Circle Surrogacy and featuring the expertise of Dr. Guy Ringler from California Fertility Partners, these sessions promise to offer invaluable insights, empowering you to make well-informed decisions as you embark on your journey to parenthood.


Topics of discussion include: an overview of the medical aspect of IVF in the U.S., the process of U.S. surrogacy, matching with a surrogate, insurance, legal overview, and more.


  • Melbourne, Australia: Friday, April 5th 2024 at 6:30pm AEDT

  • Brisbane, Australia: Sunday, April 7th 2024 at 3pm AEST

  • Sydney, Australia: Thursday, April 11th 2024 at 6:30pm AEDT


Limited spots are available. Registration is required. Location information will be shared after registration.  To register, click here.

Why Surrogacy in the U.S. is the Safest Choice

U.S. surrogacy agencies such as Circle offer the best protection for international intended parents.

Here are 3 reasons Australian parents should choose a U.S. surrogacy agency for international surrogacy:

Your child is a U.S. citizen

Surrogates are fully screened and receive the best medical care

Financial security

Surrogates are fully screened and receive the best medical care

In the U.S., gestational carriers are screened psychologically and medically prior to an embryo transfer. Only women who are mentally, physically, and emotionally able to handle a surrogacy are accepted into the program. All surrogates reside in the United States and have access to the most advanced medical care and the world's top hospitals. Circle's surrogates have the full support of family and friends during her journey, as well as professional support from licensed mental health counselors from sign on until postpartum.

Your child is a U.S. citizen

Any child born in the United States is a U.S. citizen. Your baby will receive a U.S. birth certificate and is entitled to a U.S. passport for travel purposes (you can usually get one in 24-72 hours from application). Your surrogacy lawyers will do the legal work to establish your parentage (either via a Pre-Birth Order, post-birth order or possibly through a second parent adoption). You will be the sole legal and physical parents under American law. By establishing the rights of parentage in the United States, you can travel home safely and securely.

Financial security

In the U.S., when you embark on a surrogacy journey with most agencies, your money is safe. Circle is a well-established, secure company. The money you send to the agency is protected, held in a Bonded Escrow Account. These types of accounts are kept only at regulated and approved financial institutions.

Why Work with Circle Surrogacy

1. Highest success rates. We're the most successful surrogacy agency with a success rate of 99.3% for parents (we've had our success rates audited by a reputable tax and audit firm).

2. Established relationships with IVF clinics. Circle works closely with the most-successful IVF clinics throughout the United States, many of which are located on the West Coast of the USA. This makes it easier for intended parents coming from Australia. If you’re already established with an IVF clinic, we’re happy to work with your clinic of choice.

3. We work with intended parents from all backgrounds. For three decades we’ve helped straight and LGBTQ+ couples and singles fulfill their dreams of parenthood.

4. In-house legal support. Circle has Assisted Reproductive Technology Law attorneys on staff to help with your legal work and insurance. We have ensured all new parents have made it home safely with their babies.

5. Easy return to Australia. Every child born in the United States receives U.S. Citizenship and U.S. travel documents. Our attorneys on staff have helped families for decades return home safely.

"Circle has helped us achieve our dream of expending our family. They have helped us give a baby brother to our beautiful daughter. We can never be grateful enough! We can never express the deep gratitude for what you have done for us. We can never thank you enough. No words could describe the enormous “swelling of love” both our hearts have experienced since our son's birth."

- J & C

"I just wanted to tell you I am the happiest man in the world right now! Christophe is doing great, David and I can't get enough of him, our parents are totally crazy and want to see him every day! Can't ask for more right now, just want to say thank you so much for making it possible, you contributed in making a whole family happy. Thanks, thanks, and thanks again!"

- Martin

"You have shown such belief in us, and backed that up with the most extraordinary high level of involvement, advice, support, and good practical common sense. Yes, it's true that we've had a few ups and downs, but I'm sure that is what a journey, by its very nature, is all about. If it had been completely straightforward, then the huge sense of sublime joy and utter amazement at the outcome might not now be so sweet."

- Liz and Chris


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