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IVF and Insurance

IVF & Insurance in the Surrogacy Process

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is inherently part of the surrogacy process. In some cases, an intended parent will utilize IVF to retrieve her eggs to create embryos. In other cases, an egg donor is required to donate her eggs to create embryos. Both cases require IVF professionals (your IVF clinic), medications and financials.

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How Does IVF and Surrogacy Work?

If you are creating embryos with your own biology, some insurance policies will cover the IVF process. If not, these are costs that intended parents would pay out of pocket to their IVF clinic. (They are separate from your surrogacy costs paid to Circle Surrogacy.)

Using Your Own Egg and Sperm

Using a Donor Egg or Sperm Donor

Intended parents are responsible for all costs related to IVF for their gestational carrier or egg donor. The medical costs – such as medications and procedures – will be paid directly to the clinic.

Included Costs

Other related costs – such as your surrogate’s travel and local monitoring – are included in the fees paid to your surrogacy agency. Learn more in this blog post.

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How Much Does IVF Cost?

For a surrogacy journey, IVF costs are an important component to consider when assessing the total cost of a potential journey. While many of your surrogacy costs are paid to your surrogacy agency, your IVF expenses are paid to your fertility clinic. IVF costs will vary by clinic, and we recommend speaking directly with your clinic about their specific fees.

Supporting You During the IVF Process

If you have not yet selected a clinic, Circle can guide you in choosing a clinic that fits your needs. Circle Surrogacy has developed deep partnerships with reputable clinics across the United States, on both the East and West coasts, and everywhere in between. We're able and willing to work with a clinic of your choice, or to provide you with introductions to the clinics with which we work most frequently.

Do I Need Insurance for My Surrogate?

Yes, you will need to have insurance in place for your surrogate throughout your surrogacy journey.

The topic of insurance can feel complex, however your Circle team will advise you through the process of ensuring your surrogate has the proper insurance coverage during her surrogate pregnancy. Circle has a thorough understanding of the security and coverage needed for a smooth and successful journey.

Intended parents will need to have coverage for the following during their surrogacy:



Insurance Denial (if your surrogate's plan denies coverage)

Life Insurance

After delivery, it is your responsibility as new parents to have insurance in place to cover your baby. For intended parents living in the United States, you may be able to add your newborn to your existing health insurance policy (having a baby qualifies as a "life event" with insurance companies to allow plan members to adjust policies outside of normal enrollment periods).

For international parents who need newborn insurance, you have a few options available. The Circle team can provide details on newborn coverage for international intended parents.

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How Does Surrogacy Insurance Work?

Circle Surrogacy's goal is security for intended parents and their surrogate throughout the surrogacy journey.

Circle Surrogacy offers an all-inclusive cost program that enables us to offer insurance fees at a fixed price to help control costs. With our exclusive Journey Protection Guarantee Program, you'll pay insurance costs of $22,500. Circle's fixed Medical & Insurance expenses include:

Premium/Gestational Carrier Payment

Copayments and Deductibles

Complications Insurance

Life Insurance

Insurance Defense

Insurance Denials

Circle provides in-house specialists who will help you put these policies in place.

Circle is able to provide fixed costs for intended parents because of our extensive experience identifying, screening and accepting surrogates with existing maternity coverage that covers a surrogacy journey. In the instances when a surrogate's insurance is not adequate coverage, Circle will facilitate a high-quality, surrogacy-specific policy.

Learn more about surrogacy and surrogate insurance from our educational insurance webinar.

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