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Comparing Surrogacy Agencies & Costs Webinar

Join Circle Surrogacy & Egg Donation for 30-minutes and learn how to compare surrogacy agencies and surrogacy costs. It's Free!

 Our most popular webinar and two opportunities to attend

Our most popular webinar and two opportunities to attend

One of the first questions intended parents ask is "How much does surrogacy cost?" Join Circle Surrogacy & Egg Donation for a 30-minute webinar called, “Comparing Surrogacy Agencies and Costs”.

During this webinar discussion will include:

  • Breakdown and exploring surrogacy costs
  • Agency checklist - comparing agencies
  • Explanation of what to look for and how to compare surrogacy agencies and their costs and services

Our panel will consist of:

  • Sam Hyde, President and Owner of Circle Surrogacy & Egg Donation
  • Scott Buckley, Vice President of Client Services and Attorney, Circle Surrogacy & Egg Donation

A Q&A session will also be available at the end of the webinar.

Register to reserve your spot today. Once registered, you'll be sent instructions from GoToWebinar for joining the session.

 Circle has been making parenthood possible for 25 years.

Circle has been making parenthood possible for 25 years.

We're proud to have helped so many intended parents, surrogates and egg donors on their journeys. We are the leader in the surrogacy industry because of our experience working with all types of intended parents – from all over the world – and from supporting many surrogates, many for return journeys.

We are a full-service agency meaning that we have all services under one roof. Intended Parents find this to be beneficial because it means seamless communication between all parties during their journey. Plus, Circle Surrogacy has strong partnerships with fertility clinics across the US., and we provide stellar support for clinic staff and intended parents during the process.

Here are a few more reasons that intended parents choose Circle Surrogacy:

High success rates. We're the most successful surrogacy agency with a success rate of 99.3% for parents (we've had our success rates audited by a reputable tax and audit firm).

• Superior surrogate screening and support. It has been said that Circle has the strictest guidelines when it comes to accepting women into our surrogacy program. Each and every surrogate fills out a lengthy applications, speaks in depth with the Prescreening and Screening teams, undergoes psychological testing (as well as her primary support person) and has extensive background checks. We have a short matching wait time for intended parents because our surrogates are worth the wait.

• We work with intended parents of all backgrounds. We partner with straight and LGBTQ+ couples and singles from across the country and around the world. Our agency was founded by a lawyer and gay dad through surrogacy. We have multi-lingual staff, and employees in the UK and Europe.

• In-house legal support. Your surrogacy journey will require many legal needs. At Circle, we have a team of Assisted Reproductive Technology lawyers who are experienced in surrogacy contracts, birth orders and parentage, bringing parents to the US for their baby's birth as well as getting them home safely.

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