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Transform the lives of hopeful parents with Circle egg donation.

At Circle, we treat egg donors with unwavering care – providing you with the support and guidance you need as you forever change the lives of intended parents.

 We're always here to support you.

We're always here to support you.

As your partner in egg donation, we're with you during each phase of your journey. You'll have legal questions, accounting questions and medical questions come up – and our experienced staff is more than happy to respond promptly and accurately to ensure your time as an egg donor isn't only enjoyable, but also as simple and stress-free as possible.
 Known egg donation creates lasting relationships.

Known egg donation creates lasting relationships.

Unlike most surrogacy agencies, we strongly believe in Known Egg Donation and the positive impact it can have. Designed to give intended parents direct access to you if they or their children have any questions, we've found Known Egg Donation to be effective in creating longer, healthier and more meaningful relationships between egg donors, children and the parents whose lives they've transformed.

Becoming an Egg Donor: An Overview

Application and screening.

Apply through Circle Surrogacy, and one of our intake coordinators will guide you through the initial application and matching phases. Then, you'll go through a couple of assessments via phone and webcam to help us identify any illnesses, emotional problems or personality disorders that might jeopardize your future as an egg donor.

Legal contracts and treatments.

We'll provide an independent attorney to represent you while the terms of your agreement are worked through with the intended parents and their attorney. Shortly after, medications will be given to you to suppress the menstrual cycle, and ovarian stimulating medications are given to stimulate the production of eggs.

Egg retrieval and fees.

Your egg retrieval is done vaginally under a mild intravenous sedation, and the process typically takes about 20 minutes with about an hour in the recovery room. First-time donors usually receive $9,000, although it could be more for less common donor types, such as those of Asian and Jewish descent.

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Over 20 years of experience.

In 1995, Circle Surrogacy became one of the first surrogacy agencies established to help create families through surrogacy and egg donation. That early experience has allowed us to continually perfect our program in order to provide more options and services to our surrogates, as well as our intended parents and egg donors.

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Earn $9,000 - $15,000+ with egg donation.

The monetary compensation is an attractive benefit for Circle Surrogacy egg donors. Egg donation pay typically varies between $9,000 and $15,000 per egg donation cycle – enough money to put toward your own goals and dreams for both the near and distant future.

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Common questions from egg donors.

As you consider egg donation, you may have questions along the way. With many experienced egg donors on staff, we've helped women navigate their donation journeys successfully, and have answered almost every question out there!
What is egg donation?

Egg donation builds families. It helps those who are unable to become parents on their own.

People choose egg donation for different reasons—some are struggling with infertility, others are same-sex couples or single individuals. Circle’s intended parents come from different backgrounds around the world. Our egg donors share this diversity.

How long does the whole process take?
It’s important to understand that egg donation timelines vary. While there is no guarantee you will be chosen as an egg donor, it is possible to be chosen within days of being accepted into our program. Some intended parents at Circle Egg Donation also require a gestational surrogate. This means that even after you are matched, there can be a waiting period while your intended parents are being matched with a surrogate. Although the donation itself lasts only 3-4 weeks, commitment to the process is typically 3-4 months. Please keep in mind that these are average timelines and that no two egg donation arrangements are the same. Timelines are often determined by factors particular to your egg donation arrangement.
How many times can I donate with Circle Egg Donation?
Most of our clinics will only allow an egg donor to participate in an egg donation five to six times. However, we can only rematch you if the previous donation resulted in a pregnancy or a successful retrieval.
What kind of emotional issues are there with donating?
Emotional experiences vary throughout the process. The decision to donate should be well thought-out before you proceed with screening and matching. You are welcome to talk with the social workers who conduct your screening about any specific concerns or questions. You may experience moodiness from the medications; however after the donation, most of our egg donors enjoy the extreme pride and joy of having given such an incredible gift.

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