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How much do egg donors make? Egg Donor compensation & benefits.

Women who act as egg donors are paid for their physical and emotional commitment to helping others have the families of their dreams. Egg donors give the ultimate gift – parenthood – and the pride and confidence they feel after donating their eggs is priceless.

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How much do egg donors get paid?

Egg donation is a commitment unlike any other, and we honor that pledge through compensation. With each egg donation cycle, you can earn anywhere between $9,000 and $15,000 or more. So, in addition to the lifelong joy you'll experience from making a family's dream come true, you'll be able to put money toward making your very own dreams a reality, too.

Many egg donors go on to donate their eggs more than once. Experienced egg donors can earn an additional $1,000 or more with every egg donation they complete.

You can see if you qualify to be an egg donor and earning $9,000+ by filling out this short form.

How does egg donor pay work?

Egg donors are paid twice during their egg donation journey.

$500 medical screening payment. This payment is made to egg donors after their medical screening trip, which typically occurs within a month of matching and once all trip receipts have been sent to the PC team.

Remainder of donation payment. The remainder of their total compensation is paid after the egg retrieval is complete, and once all trip receipts have been sent to the PC team.

All egg donor pay is made via direct deposit, so it's easy and seamless to be paid as an egg donor!

Egg donor compensation is taxable income so be sure to speak with your financial advisor when doing your taxes!

Does an egg donor get paid if the egg donation doesn't work?

Yes! Egg donors are compensation regardless of the outcome of their egg retrieval. Even if the intended parents are left with no embryos, the egg donor will still receive her compensation. Donors are paid for their part during the egg donation process, which includes taking medications, local monitoring, and the egg retrieval itself.

What other benefits do egg donors receive?

In addition to egg donor pay, women will receive additional benefits during their journey. It's important to note: egg donors will never pay anything during an egg donation journey. All costs and expenses will be covered by the intended parents.

Here are some benefits egg donors receive:

  • Paid travel costs. All travel costs are covered, including: flights, hotel stay, Ubers (to and from the hotel, clinic and airport); car rental, including gas.
  • Meal costs. Donors receive $150/day for food.
  • Additional travel expenses. These expenses are covered and could include: luggage fees and airport parking.
  • Mileage. Donors are compensated for mileage for driving to local monitoring appointments and for driving to the airport.
  • Insurance. Intended parents pay for complications insurance for egg donors should anything arise related to the egg donation journey.

For travel for their egg retrieval, donors are required to bring an adult companion with them on their trip; the costs of her companion's flights will also be covered.

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How do egg donor spend egg donor pay?

How you spend your egg donor pay is 100% up to you!

Here are some examples of how our egg donors have used their donor compensation:

  • Student loans
  • Down payment on home or vehicle
  • Travel
  • Whatever they wish!

Ready to apply to become an egg donor and help not only a family, but help yourself financially as well? Fill out an application.

Questions about egg donation

If you are new to egg donation, chances are you have many questions! And you are not alone!

Visit our Egg Donor Frequently Asked Questions page for more information!