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Step-by-step egg donor process & timeline

Egg donors give the gift of parenthood to deserving intended parents. The egg donor process may feel complex at first, but with the support of your egg donor agency, you'll be informed every step of the way. Below you'll find an overview of the egg donor process, as well as a timeline to help you better understand what to expect from the minute you fill out your application until your egg retrieval.

How does the egg donor process work?

The decision to apply to become an egg donor is a big one! Helping someone achieve their dreams of parenthood is an adventure like no other. While it's hard to predict how long the egg donor process (match times will vary), looking at the individual steps that make up your journey is a good way to understand how it all works. Here's a step-by-step guide to the egg donor process, and a egg donor timeline to help you see how long it takes to apply and have your egg retrieval.

 Application Part 1

Application Part 1

  • Fill out application
  • Circle Egg Donation reviews initial application
  • Donor will move to Part 2 or provide additional information or paperwork

1-2 days

The Egg Donor application is separated into two parts. To begin the application process, applicants will register their name and email to be sent a link to the Part 1 of the Egg Donor application to fill out.

Circle will review the initial application. Based on the application, our Egg Donation team will either move the donor applicant directly to the Application Phase 2 stage OR we will reach out to by email if we require additional clarification and/or paperwork, based on what’s contained in your application. If you are an experienced egg donor, we'll ask you to provide information to request your medical records.

 Application Part 2

Application Part 2

  • Complete report of biological family medical and mental health history
  • Provide information on personality traits, hobbies, talents and goals
  • Upload current photos
  • Submit completed application
  • Submit any additional required documents

3-5 days

If your initial application is approved, you will begin completing the second phase of your application. During this phase you will provide additional information to the egg donor team. This information includes: an accurate and current report of biological family medical and mental health history, more information about your personality traits, hobbies, talents, and goals; including your schooling and professional work experience. We also ask you to upload several current pictures according to the picture guidelines on the application. This helps gives Intended Parents a face to match with the profile. Once all of the above is complete, you'll submit your completed application for review, as well as any additional documentation requested.

 PreScreening Icon


  • Screening call with Egg Donation team
  • Activate your profile on the egg donor database
  • Get ready to be matched!

1-2 weeks

In Prescreening, you will be contacted by a coordinator on the Egg Donation Team who will request a 20-30 minute phone call with you. During this call your coordinator will review your application with you, give you more information about what to expect from this process moving forward, and answer any questions. Your coordinator will want to make sure that you have the availability to donate and are supported by close friends/family. If you are comfortable with proceeding and the coordinator approves everything, your profile will be activated and eligible for matching!

 Two Hearts Icon


  • Your profile appears on our egg donor database for Intended Parents to view
  • Receive an email from an Egg Donation coordinator if you're selected for a match
  • Phone/video call with potential Intended Parents
  • Officially matched!

Time varies

Your profile will be available on the database for Intended Parents to view. It is impossible to predict when a match will occur, if ever, as choosing a donor is very subjective. While waiting for a match, we always recommend regularly updating your profile and adding more pictures.

If you are selected for a match, you will receive an email from an Egg Donation coordinator who will present the match to you, which will include information about the Intended Parents, type of relationship they hope for, and the location of their fertility clinic. If you are interested in moving forward, a phone or video call between the egg donor and IPs is arranged as needed to confirm a match. If all parties agree to match, you are assigned a Program Coordination Team (PC Team) that will guide you through the rest of the process. You are now officially matched!

 Heart Beat Icon

Screenings & Contracts

  • 1-hour screening call with social worker
  • Online psychological evaluation
  • Complete medical screening at IPs' fertility clinic (2-day trip)
  • Negotiate egg donor contract with your attorney

Approximately 2 months

During this phase you'll begin your medications (shots!) and start attending your local monitoring appointments. These appointments will be at a clinic near where you live (not at your IPs' IVF clinic). Monitoring appointments consist of bloodwork and ultrasounds to ensure your body is responding properly to the fertility medication. You will travel to your IPs' IVF clinic for the embryo transfer (this is usually a 3-7 day trip). Many intended parents attend the embryo transfer if they can, so it's a wonderful opportunity to spend time with them.

 IVF bottle icon

Medications & Egg Retrieval

  • Receive cycle schedule from IVF Clinic
  • Begin medications
  • Attend local monitoring appointments
  • Travel to IVF clinic for retrieval
  • Receive compensation!

1-2 months

Once you have obtained Medical and Legal Clearance, the IVF Clinic will create a cycle schedule for your egg retrieval and instruct you regarding all IVF Donor medications. A full donation cycle typically takes around 2-3 weeks of daily hormone injections. While on medications, you may attend local morning medical appointments for blood work and ultrasounds to monitor the effects of the medication. Once your body is ready for the retrieval, your PC Team will arrange your trip to the IVF clinic. This trip will last about 5-10 days and requires an adult travel companion. You will return home the day after your retrieval. Once you have returned home, you will receive your compensation for retrieval!

 Learn more about becoming an egg donor with Circle Egg Donation.

Learn more about becoming an egg donor with Circle Egg Donation.

Becoming an egg donor is a big decision! It's important to educate yourself about the what it means to be an egg donor, the egg donation process, and the different types of egg donation available to you.

We have egg donors on staff who are happy to speak with you directly about their experience, and what's it's like to connect with intended parents and give them the ultimate gift.

Ready to apply to be an egg donor?

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Egg donation involves a screening process. Not all potential egg donors are selected. Not all selected egg donors receive the monetary amounts or compensation advertised. As with any medical procedure, there may be risks associated with human egg donation. Before an egg donor agrees to begin the egg donation process, and signs a legally binding contract, she is required to receive specific information on the known risks of egg donation. Consultation with your doctor prior to entering into a donor contract is advised.