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The Benefits of Egg Donation

Egg donors are special women who help make parenthood possible. Fulfill a family's dream while fulfilling yours at the same time. Earn enough money as an egg donor to help make your own dreams more of a reality.

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Egg donation changes people's lives

Experienced egg donor Tayler shares why she became an egg donor, and how meaningful the relationship with her intended parents is to her.

 Why do women donate their eggs?

Why do women donate their eggs?

There are many reasons that bright, young women apply to become egg donors with our egg donation agency. Some women may know a family member or friend who struggled with infertility. Others are mothers who understand how important having a child in you life can be. Others simply want to help intended parents fulfill their dreams of parenthood who can't do so on their own.

Whatever your reason for thinking about egg donation, please know that there is no right or wrong reason for applying. And while compensation may not be the first reason why you are applying, it's a great benefit of egg donation.

Our offices in Boston, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington, D.C, mean we work with intended parents and clinics across the country.

5 benefits of egg donation

For women who apply to become egg donors, there are many benefits to the egg donation process with an egg donation agency.

  1. Gain an incredible sense of fulfillment. As an egg donor, you'll quickly discover the life-changing experience of bringing hope to gay and infertile intended parents. It's nearly impossible to put into words the immense pride and joy egg donors feel after doing something so thoughtful and selfless.
  2. Match with intended parents who meet your criteria. At Circle Egg Donation, intended parent and egg donor matches are mutual; meaning, when intended parents select you as an egg donor, you have the opportunity to learn about the and decide if that is who you want to help. This is different from working with an egg bank, where egg donors have no control over the recipients of their eggs.
  3. Ability to choose Known or Anonymous egg donation. Egg donors can choose whether they want a Known or Anonymous match with intended parents. In a Known match, egg donors and intended parents communicate and form a relationship that is beneficial to all involved.
  4. Full support from an experienced egg donation team. As a Circle egg donor, you will be guided and supported throughout your entire journey. You'll even have the opportunity to connect with experienced egg donors to ask questions and learn more.
  5. Competitive compensation. Egg donation pay typically varies between $9,000 and $15,000 per egg donation cycle – enough money to put toward your own goals and dreams for both the near and distant future.

Common questions from egg donors.

As you consider egg donation, you may have questions along the way. With many experienced egg donors on staff, we've helped women navigate their donation journeys successfully, and have answered almost every question out there!
How do I decide which fee is right for me?

Our first time donors generally receive a fee of $9,000 whereas experienced and successful donors will receive a higher fee. It can also vary based on certain characteristics (donors of Asian descent, Jewish descent and other donor types that are harder to find such as a professional degree, etc. can, in some cases, request a higher fee.

Donor compensation ranges from $9,000 to $15,000+. Speak with your donor coordinator to discuss what works best for you.

Who is responsible for paying the bills?
The family that you donate to will be responsible for medical bills, travel bills, and other expenses related to the donation.
Is egg donation compensation taxable income?
Yes. The United States Tax Court has concluded that amounts received by a donor represents taxable compensation income. Circle Egg Donation will issue 1099s for all egg donors who receive egg donors fees on or after January 15, 2015.
Do I have to have medical insurance?
It is recommended that all people have medical insurance but if you don't you can still be a donor in our program. The intended parent you are matched with will purchase complications insurance for you.

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