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Known Egg Donation and Other Donation Types

To make an informed decision, it's important to understand the three different types of egg donation we offer here at Circle Surrogacy & Egg Donation. This allows both intended parents and egg donors to choose the right option for them based on their own level of comfort and an understanding.

Known, Semi-Known and Anonymous Egg Donation

Known egg donation.

For known egg donation, Circle will share contact information between egg donors and intended parents. This allows you to build a relationship, get to know each other, and enables you to have contact with each in the future.

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Semi-known egg donation.

In this type of egg donation, first names and area of residence are shared between the egg donor and intended parents. Then, donors and parents may choose to have some limited (and anonymous) contact with each other.

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Anonymous egg donation.

In this type of egg donation, there is no exchange of identifying information or contact between intended parents and the egg donor.

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 Circle encourages known egg donation

Circle encourages known egg donation

Circle encourages known egg donation because it’s important for the child’s healthy sense of identity to at least have access to the other half of their genetics. Some children who are conceived with an egg donor have a natural curiosity about their genetic origins, while other children might not. You won’t know what kind of child you have until they start to grow up and develop their personality. Known egg donation helps leave that door open for possible contact in the future.