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The search for an egg donor can feel overwhelming. But we're here to help you find the right match. Some intended parents choose donors based primarily on physical attributes or one who shares their ethnic, religious, or cultural backgrounds. While other intended parents hope to find an egg donor who athletic, musical, or has artistic talent. Whatever attributes you're looking for, you can search our list of hundreds of available egg donors below. We add new donors to the database once a week: Thursday afternoons EST. Within our database, you can filter your search by characteristics that meet your preferences. If you can't find an egg donor in our database that interests you, we can help expand your search.

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Terms to Know

In Cycle

The egg donor is currently fulfilling an egg donation cycle with intended parents. If the egg retrieval is successful, and the donor is interested, she will become available to donate again.

On Hold

The egg donor is not presently available to match due to consideration by other parents or life circumstances not permitting her to commit at this time. An "on hold" donor is listed online because we believe that once consideration or the cycle is complete, she will become available again.

Proven Fertility

A woman has proven fertility when she has given birth to a healthy child using her own eggs.

Previous Donor

A woman who has completed a full egg donation cycle, is approved to donate again based on this cycle, and someone who fully understands what the process entails.

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Egg Donor Queues:

An egg donor may not be marked as "available" or "on hold" but she may have IPs in her queue. IPs may be in queue for up to three (3) donors. If IPs would like to proceed with a donor and there are other IPs in her queue, the egg donation team will reach out to the IPs who are first in the queue, ask them if they want to proceed and if they do, they have priority to match with the donor; if they do not want to match with the donor then the team will send the donor to the next IPs who are in queue.

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