IVF and Insurance costs

IVF costs:
For a surrogacy journey, IVF costs are an important component to consider when assessing the total cost of a potential journey. Costs and program options vary by clinic and by your family planning needs. Intended parents can often choose between package options that include egg donation and/or embryo creation, plus IVF transfers, or just IVF transfers alone (for those that have already created embryos). In addition, you can choose from packages that provide 1-3 transfers to packages that include unlimited transfers until a live birth is achieved.

Circle has experience working with a variety of clinics across the United States, on both the East and West coasts. We are able and willing to work with a clinic of your choice, or to provide you with introductions to the clinics with which we work most frequently – including Pacific Fertility Center, HRC, San Diego Fertility Centers, Fertility Centers of Las Vegas, and RMA-Connecticut, among others.

For many journeys, we see IVF costs range between $29,900 for those intended parents with embryos already created, and $36,000 and above for intended parents who also require egg donation and/or embryo creation services and/or unlimited transfers.
Insurance costs:
The health insurance environment is always changing, specifically with regard to insurance for a surrogacy journey. To ensure intended parents receive proper coverage, Circle employs eight lawyers on staff to help assess and defend insurance policies and cases for our intended parents.

Circle can help coordinate a multitude of options for insurance relating to your journey. We have extensive experience identifying, screening, and accepting surrogates with existing maternity coverage that covers a surrogacy journey, and occasionally with dependent coverage as well. In addition, Circle has worked extensively with Lloyd’s of London to create a surrogacy-specific insurance policy that provides a high level of coverage for surrogacy journeys.

For many journeys, we see insurance costs range between $15,000 and $26,000 for singletons. For twin journeys, insurance costs often range slightly above this, up to $30,000 on the high end.