Essential & Fixed Fee

Determining surrogacy costs is an important step in the surrogacy process. We offer Essential and Fixed Fee programs for your surrogacy and egg donation journeys. Each program is defined below, and the cost sheets will help you understand how much your surrogate costs, agency and legal fees, as well as IVF costs.

Our Essential program provides the Circle Surrogacy high-quality service for gestational surrogacy, whether you need a surrogate only, or a surrogate with an egg donor. In the cases where you already have an egg donor, you can begin your journey with Circle by connecting with an IVF clinic. If you need an egg donor, Circle staff helps you select an egg donor and coordinates a surrogacy journey that allows you to work with the IVF clinic of your choice or, if needed, can make recommendations to connect you to a clinic with which you can work. In both cases, you will be matched with a gestational surrogate who meets your legal, psychological and emotional needs.
With our Essential program, you have the option to add on services to customize your journey.

Fixed Fee program. Circle Surrogacy is the only surrogacy agency in the world that offers a completely guaranteed, Fixed Fee program for intended parents. It’s a 100% guarantee that you will have a baby and that your costs will be predictable and guaranteed not to change for any reason. You pay a single, set fee that covers all services and fees associated with your surrogacy journey.

Circle Concierge service. With Concierge service, Circle provides intended parents with a single point of contact with a licensed clinician and former Circle parent, to whom they may speak at off hours, and who will travel with them for the transfer and the birth to help them through the process. This is the ultimate five-star experience.

US Gestational Surrogacy with Egg Donation

Surrogacy Program - Agency Expenses $27,750.00
Surrogacy Program – Estimated Legal, Screening, and Support Expenses $13,250.00
Egg Donor Program - Agency Expenses $9,500.00
Egg Donor Program – Estimated Legal, Screening, and Support Expenses $6,250.00
Egg Donor Expenses at Match $11,500.00
Surrogate Expenses at Match $45,350.00
Intended Parent Legal Rights $7,500.00
Discount for Choosing Both Surrogacy and Egg Donation Programs -$2,000.00
Discount for Joining within 3 Months of Consultation -$2,000.00