Our Programs and Costs

Circle Surrogacy offers surrogacy and egg donation programs for U.S. and International intended parents. And while surrogacy costs can vary for each situation, Circle is upfront and transparent about the costs of surrogacy to try and eliminate any monetary surprises along the way, and to help you plan. Our goal is that you start your surrogacy journey with a full understanding of our gestational surrogacy costs (including all agency fees, attorney’s fees, screening and surrogate fees, and medical and insurance costs), as well as egg donor costs, if needed.

Essential & Fixed Fee

Our Essential program is designed to offer our high-quality service, plus insurance coverage and fixed costs for all agency fees. There is the option to add our Fixed Fee services, which guarantees a fix on all the costs listed, as well as third party costs, such as the surrogate, the egg donor and all travel expenses.


The Economy program is for people looking for a more affordable alternative, who have flexibility on timing to match. This program offers our high-quality service and we guarantee insurance.

Compare Our Plans

Compare our plans to see which plan is best for you.