How Did Your Career at Circle Start? – 20th Anniversary Project

How Did Your Career at Circle Start? – 20th Anniversary from Circle Surrogacy This year, Circle celebrates its 20th Anniversary. We are doing a video series to give you an inside look at the people who consider surrogacy their greatest passion. In this video, Director of Legal Services Dean Hutchison discusses how he started his […]

Surrogate Pregnancy vs. Traditional Pregnancy

What’s the difference between surrogacy pregnancy and traditional pregnancy? They’re actually very similar. A surrogate pregnancy is a pregnancy like any other, where the end result is bringing life into the world. Both are filled with the excitement of kicks in your belly, and some of the less exciting things too (we’re talking to you, […]

Testimonials from Some of Circle’s Surrogate Mothers

Circle is honored to work with incredible intended parents, surrogate mothers, and egg donors to help families grow. To hear their wonderful stories, and to learn about the wonderful connections that have been built over the years, brings us all the ultimate sense of accomplishment and joy. Here’s what some of our experienced surrogates have […]