What’s the Best Part of Working at Circle? – 20th Anniversary Project

What’s the Best Part of Your Job at Circle Surrogacy Agency? – 20th Anniversary Project from Circle Surrogacy on Vimeo. The third video in our series celebrating Circle Surrogacy’s 20th Anniversary features Program Director Amanda talking about the best part of working at Circle. Learn more about our services at circlesurrogacy.com We’re your dedicated partner […]

The Surrogacy Matching Process: How We Connect Surrogates and Intended Parents

We strive to make the best possible matches for our IPs and surrogates. We believe that an honest and open relationship throughout the process makes for an incredible journey for everyone involved. In order to achieve such a relationship, we use a detailed and extensive matching process. Surrogate Screening Before the matching can begin, we […]

Surrogacy for Intended Parents: 5 Pros of Surrogacy

Surrogacy is an incredible process. It has the ultimate power to create a family, one of the greatest enjoyments. It’s a safe, successful, and enriching experience for both the family and the surrogate. It’s hard to quantify the endless supply of virtues it provides. Here are just five pros of surrogacy for intended parents: 1.  Surrogacy […]