Frozen Gametes: What Happens When There’s a Divorce?

Circle lawyer Rona Yang wrote an article for the Boston Bar Association explaining–according to the law, what happens to frozen gametes if a couple divorces? Here is an excerpt from that article: Approximately 10% of women in the United States between ages 15 and 44 are unable to conceive or bear children. Same-sex couples require […]

3 Books That Explain Surrogacy for Children of Surrogates

Many surrogates ask us about talking with their children about being a surrogate. There are a handful of books designed to help children understand how one happy family can help to create another. Book #1 The Kangaroo Pouch This tale of a family created through surrogacy is a brilliant, clear understanding of what is sometimes a complex conversation for […]

VIDEO: Having a Baby Through Surrogacy – For Intended Parents

VIDEO: Having a Baby Through Surrogacy – For Intended Parents Tara Carr and her husband had a beautiful baby boy after overcoming struggles with infertility. There was heartbreak. In the end they were thrilled to welcome their first child. When they wanted to give their son a sibling, there were even more complications including a […]

7 Signs You Would Be a Great Surrogate

Seven Signs you would make a great gestational carrier. 1. You’re family oriented.    Diapers, spit-up, tantrums— you name it, you can handle it with ease. You make being a caretaker a priority because you want it to be. That’s essentially a gestational surrogate’s role–carrying and caring for the intended parents’ child until the baby […]