What’s the Difference Between “On Hold” and “In Cycle” Egg Donors?

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Looking to find an egg donor? When searching for an egg donor from Circle’s egg donor database, intended parents may see either of these terms on donor profiles. Both terms indicate that the donor is presently unable to be matched; however, they describe slightly different circumstances.

If an egg donor’s profile has an “On Hold” label, this means that she is unavailable for matching, for one of various reasons. Donors can be on-hold due to travel, health, personal or other circumstances. They may also be in the process of matching with other intended parents.

If the label “In Cycle” appears on a donor profile, this indicates that she has been matched and is in the midst of the donation process. If she wishes to donate again and has been approved by her clinic to do so, the donor will become available for matching at the conclusion of the egg retrieval.

While in both cases the donor currently is unavailable for matching, intended parents may join a wait list for donors who are both on hold and in cycle. Once signed on, Intended parents may ask a member of the Egg Donation team to be placed on any donor’s queue. Once the donor becomes available, we will consult the wait list to facilitate a match.

For more information on the egg donation process, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page!