What Inspired Me to Become an Egg Donor

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What inspired me to become an egg donor?

When I first joined Circle, the idea of egg donation seemed so new and incredible to me. And, the more I learned about the process, the more intrigued I became.

Through my work as an intern at Circle, I developed a unique perspective on egg donation. As part of my role working with egg donor profiles, I am given the opportunity to see snapshots of young women from all over America, and now Canada, who truly want to help families. Also, I get to see photos of smiling babies with their families. Receiving family photos from intended parents who needed an egg donor to build their family always makes me smile. Once I started to see families at the office, the process of egg donation felt even more perceptible and tangible to me.

Hearing Circle attorney Gina-Marie’s positive experience as a four-time egg donor encouraged me as well. So eventually I looked up the requirements to see if I could apply and help a family too!

From working at Circle, I knew that there was a specific need for Jewish eggs, which factored heavily into my decision. This population of intended parents who need Jewish egg donors is especially important, because according to Jewish law, the biological mother needs to be Jewish, or else the child would need to formally convert.  The Jewish population is small, and the complexities of religion make the donor pool even smaller. Knowing this compelled me to take action.

Lastly, I saw no reason not to apply. I see other egg donors say this all the time on their applications, and this sentiment completely resonated with me. I see egg donation as an all-around positive experience. Overall, egg donation seemed like a simple act I could do that could impact a family in such a profound way.

Interested in applying? Find out more about egg donation here!

You can see an example of an egg donor profile in the picture below.

snapshot of an egg donor profile

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