The Egg Donation Process

Egg Donation Process

The decision to become an egg donor and enter into the egg donor process is a big one, and often comes with many questions. How does it work? How long does it take? This post will help you get a better understanding of what happens after you decide “Yes! I’d like to be an egg donor!”

An egg donation journey consists of many mini milestones that lead to the biggest milestone: the egg retrieval and embryo creation for parents! The process can move quickly from the time you submit your application to being matched with parents, but we’re willing to work at a pace with which you’re comfortable. Once you are an active donor on our site, it could be a couple days or a couple months before a match. We estimate from the day you match with Intended Parents (IPs) to the egg retrieval to be about 4 months.

Below is a snapshot of the egg donation process:

Application and Prescreening

  • Fill out Circle’s Egg Donor Application form, including confirming family health history
  • Send in photos – we need at least eight! –  including a full-length picture, and one of you as a child. We also need a copy of your passport/photo ID.
  • Answer any follow up questions from Circle’s intake team. Additional questions may include clarification of health history, or additional photos. Once your application is approved, your profile will be added to our egg donor database and active for parents to review.


  • We’ll let you know when an intended parent(s) expresses interest in your profile. At that point, we’ll also provide you with their profile(s) and any relevant information on this match (known versus anonymous, if they want to skype and meet, the location of their IVF clinic, etc).
  • We’ll schedule a Skype Call with IPs (if applicable based on match) for everyone to meet and learn a bit more about each other. The next step is to proceed to screening!


  • You’ll be scheduled for two screening sessions, by phone and/or video conference with a social worker and a psychologist. You will need a video webcam for the video call with the psychologist.
  • Once you’re cleared, you’ll be officially matched with your IP’s!

Medical Screening & Legal Contracts

  • You’ll travel to your IP’s IVF clinic for a medical screening, in most cases, this is an overnight trip where you travel the night before, have the screening, and then travel home. The medical screening includes blood work, ultrasound, urine sample, genetic screening, and an overview of the process with the medical team.
  • You’ll finalize a contract with your IP’s, including payment arrangements during a contract negotiation session with an attorney. You will be provided with your own attorney, a different attorney than the one representing your IP’s.

Egg Retrieval

  • You will receive a calendar from the IVF clinic outlining the cycle.
  • This calendar will have dates for when you should take the injectible medications.
  • The calendar will also include when you will have monitoring appointments. Depending on your proximity to the IP’s IVF clinic and their protocol, these appointments will either take place local to your home (at a local IVF clinic found near you) or at the IP’s IVF clinic. These appointments include blood work and/or ultrasounds to monitor your body’s response to the medications.
  • Once the retrieval date can be confirmed, Circle will assist in your travel details to the IVF clinic. The egg retrieval will take place at IP’s IVF clinic. This trip can be anywhere from 1-10+ days of travel, depending on the IVF clinic’s protocol.
  • Once your eggs are retrieved, your IP’s will continue to work with their IVF clinic to create their embryos!

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