I’ve Completed My Egg Donor Application: What’s Next?

You’ve just taken a big step in filling out our online application to be an egg donor. Phew!

What happens now?

After you’ve submitted your application to become an egg donor, you can expect to hear back from a member of Circle’s team within a few business days on whether or not you’ve met our criteria to move forward. If your application is approved, you move on to the next steps of becoming an active egg donor on our website. But, if you have questions about what the welcoming process entails, you’ve come to the right place.

Below is an overview of what happens after you are accepted into our egg donor program:

  1. Review the Welcome Email carefully and see if you have any questions about the egg donation process. If you want clarification around matters of travel, expenses, the medical process, or compensation, use our online resources as a starting point. Check out our FAQ section, our blog, and/or download our free egg donor guides for more information on egg donation and your role as an egg donor.
  2. Respond to the Welcome Email as soon as you can with the requested materials, including your photos and identification verification. These photos are used to create your online profile, which is then used to match you with intended parents. Choose your selection of pictures carefully. What makes a good egg donor picture? These pictures will complement your written responses on your application and should be clear, good quality, and appropriate. Your pictures can have other people in them, just be sure that it is clear which one is you so the Circle employee knows how to crop and edit the photo so that it is just you in the frame. Keep in mind that photos are the first things potential intended parents look at when selecting a donor. They are looking for the best representation of your physical features. Send at least eight current photos of yourself. You must include at least one of the following:
  • A full-body shot
  • A head shot
  • A photo of you as an infant, toddler, or young child
  • A picture of your driver’s license and/or passport for the donation process, not for the website (in addition to the 8 photos)

After you have sent your photos, it will take a few days to activate your profile, making it viewable to IPs on our donor database. You will receive an email with a picture of what your profile looks like to parents once it is put on our site. Make sure that the information is correct. If it is not, email Circle’s application coordinator with the correct information. You can use photos that are on your social media pages, but just know that these photos can be searched (by google image) which could compromise your anonymity.

  1. Keep your profile up to date. If there are any changes in your (or a family member’s) health, be sure to let us know. Moving? Send us your new address. Feel free to send in more photos after you’ve been active on the site for a few months to freshen up your profile, too.

If IPs are interested in learning more about you, you will be contacted by someone at Circle. It is important that you check your email on a regular basis and add us to your safe sender list to prevent our emails from going to SPAM.

More important, welcome to Circle! We are thrilled to have you join our growing family of wonderful and talented young women dedicated to helping families grow.

Haven’t applied yet, but ready to begin? Visit https://www.circlesurrogacy.com/donors/apply