Glossary of Egg Donation Terms

Becoming an egg donor is an amazing experience! Whether you’re researching egg donation and considering becoming a donor, or you’ve already filled out an application, it’s a good idea to understand all of the egg donation terms you may encounter.

Glossary of Egg Donation Terms

The below list provides the definition of popular terms that arise during the egg donation process.

Intended Parent(s)– The recipients of the donated eggs. They are often referred to as IPs; you may hear them referred to as IM͟ (Intended Mother) and IF͟ (Intended Father)

Donor Agreement – A legal contract between an egg donor and her intended parents.The terms of the contract are negotiated through the respective parties͛ legal representation. Once the contract is signed, the terms of the contract will govern the parties͛ interactions. It is very important for an egg donor to read the contract carefully so that all conditions are understood.

Cycle Schedule – A timeline that the intended parents͛ IVF clinic will create and send to an egg donor. This schedule lists all the important appointment dates leading up to the egg retrieval. These appointment dates are for local monitoring.

Egg Retrieval – When the donated eggs are physically removed from an egg donor. IVF –In Vitro (Latin for ‘within the glass͛’) Fertilization is a process by which eggs are fertilized by sperm outside the womb in a controlled environment, either a test tube or Petri dish.

IVF Clinic – A clinic, chosen by intended parents, that specializes in assisted reproductive technology. The clinic will perform the egg retrieval.

Local Monitoring Clinic – An IVF clinic where an egg donor will go for regular blood work and ultrasounds during the cycle. It is located close to the donor͛s home to reduce the number of visits to the intended parents͛ IVF clinic.

Medical Screening – A preliminary appointment at the intended parents͛ IVF clinic that includes a check-up, testing, and education about IVF to help ensure that the donor is medically ready and able to be an egg donor. If you͛re interested in becoming an egg donor and helping intended parents achieve their dream of parenthood, visit our Egg Donor page on our website.