Find an Egg Donor – Newly Added Egg Donors for January 11, 2019

We help intended parents with their search to find an egg donor. Our egg donor database is comprised hundreds of bright, young women looking to help families. Please reach out to us if you need assistance. To learn more about how we can help you with your search to find an egg donor, CLICK HERE.

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Donor 26708 – Kasey Kasey is a young woman with a positive outlook and who strives to have an impact in whatever she does. Kasey graduated cum laude with a degree in Theater and Music, and is currently enrolled in a nursing program.  A natural performer, Kasey has big blue eyes and enjoys acting, singing, dancing, and bringing other people ‘out of their shells.’ Kasey hopes to help a family as they pursue egg donation as a means to grow their family.   Learn more about Kasey






Donor 27123 – Audry  Audry is an ambitious young woman and a current Ph.D. candidate in Behavioral Analysis and lists one of her favorite hobbies as ‘studying’ – she also wants to own her own business by 30. When she’s not focused on school, Audry enjoys crafting, reading, and watching football. Audry is petite, with long, dark eyelashes, and was an all-state cheerleader. Learn more about Audry







Donor 33580 – Alexis  Alexis is a previous egg donor who wants to make a difference. She recently received her Master’s degree in Special Education, and is passionate about animal rescue – she’s had four rescue dogs! Alexis is petite with big brown eyes, and loves to sing. On egg donation, Alexis says, “I have met people whom struggled with conceiving. I enjoy being that missing link; to give families what they need to succeed.” Learn more about Alexis