FAQ from Prospective Parents: Egg Donor Availability

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Thinking about building a family with the help of an egg donor or looking to find an egg donor? While researching egg donation, you may find all the answers you need before you begin your search. However, parents often ask this common question once they’ve found their preferred egg donor:

When will a specific egg donor be available?

Here’s how it works:

After parents decide what egg donor would be the best fit for their growing family, they contact Circle and ask if she is available and interested in working with them. If a donor is available, parents will need to decide (with the help of their IVF physician) if they will be moving forward with a fresh or a frozen cycle. In fresh cycles, the egg donor and the recipient have to sync their menstrual cycles in preparation for a fresh transfer.

So if a donor is available and the timing works with the surrogate’s/recipient’s schedule, a fresh cycle can take place. It’s important to know that parents who are also working with a surrogate are matched with a donor 1-2 months before their expected surrogate match date.

Our team coordinates and follows this timeline to ensure that everything is in place for a smooth journey.

If parents are interested in an available egg donor but it is too soon for parent to be matched with a donor for a fresh cycle, there is the option to move forward with a frozen cycle. Intended parents may discuss frozen transfer success rates more with their clinic. For the most part, clinics are finding fresh and frozen transfer results to be essentially the same.

Egg donors may not be available at a given time or listed as “On Hold” for many reasons.

If a donor is unavailable, on hold, or currently cycling with other parents, parents will either need to find another egg donor who can work within their time frame or they can also ask to be added to a donor’s queue.

What is a “Donor Queue”?

This is a list that parents can request to be on that shows they’re waiting for that egg donor to become available. If she does become available, the parents will be contacted.

Being on a donor’s queue does not guarantee the perspective parents will be able to work with her. Perspective parents may need to be matched with a donor sooner than she is able to move forward.

*A NOTE ABOUT DONOR QUEUES: Positions in queues are always changing, as many perspective parents are listed on multiple donor queues at a given time. Once IPs match with a donor, there place in other donor queues is taken by the IPs who were next in line behind them.

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