Becoming a Parent through Egg Donation: What is the Consultation?

Find an egg donorWant to find an egg donor? A consultation to discuss your needs and expectations is the first step. Learn more about what happens in this meeting…

Egg donation is a wonderful family-building option available to intended parents in need of a bit of extra help. Individuals and couples considering egg donation may be doing so for a wide range of reasons, including infertility diagnoses, premature ovarian failure, genetic diseases in family health history, and previous difficulties conceiving with IVF treatment.

The decision to work with an egg donor to help your family grow is a big one; one that should not be made without the guidance of experts, doctors, and family and friends. You should research the different egg donation agencies to determine which feels like the best fit. Circle offers free consultations to potential clients prior to their signing on. We do this to provide intended parents (IPs) with a thorough overview of the egg donation process, understand and cater to their unique needs, and start a dialogue in a comfortable environment. You can choose to have this conversation in our Boston office, over the phone, or via Skype.

IPs interested in becoming a parent through egg donation will speak with Gina-Marie Madow, a licensed attorney and previous egg donor.

What comes before the consultation? After you’ve decided that you would like to move forward with egg donation at Circle, you’ll fill out our intended parent form. Before your egg donation consultation, you’ll be asked to complete a more detailed questionnaire and send in a few photos. This gives Gina-Marie the opportunity to familiarize herself with your story before you speak.

What to expect. The consultation is approximately 20-30 minutes. It can be held over the phone, via skype, or in our Boston office, if you’re local. Gina-Marie discusses relevant topics to get to know you and provide you with a detailed overview of all that Circle has to offer.

Your story. Every intended parent’s story and reason for pursuing egg donation is different. In order to cater to your specific needs and to get to know a little bit about you on a personal level, Gina-Marie takes time to answer your questions and get to know you. Circle cares deeply about our the people we are trying to help.

The IVF and medical process. Even if you are familiar with IVF procedures, Circle’s egg donors undergo thorough medical and psychological screening prior to cycling. You will learn about the medical care our egg donors receive. The IVF doctor you are working with give you and your donor an overview of the medical process of egg donation, including medications, appointments, and tests.

Our services and costs. You will learn about egg donation financing options (if you’re based in the U.S.), travel compensation for your egg donor (if necessary), and a detailed overview of all of the services and support you will receive from Circle.

Find an egg donor. Gina-Marie reviews the qualities and traits you are looking for in an egg donor, catering our searches to your needs. We will take this information and work to find the right donor match, suggesting women who might fit your preferences.

Determining the type of egg donation that is right for you. While we offer known, semi-known, and anonymous donations, Circle believes that known donation is often the most meaningful for both donors and intended parents. But again, every intended parent’s story and needs are different, and this conversation is meant to give you the opportunity to discuss your options and might what be best.