Ask An Egg Donor: How Long Until I’m Matched?

Ask an egg donorWe get tons of questions from our egg donors on everything from matching and fertility medications to travel and the egg retrieval. To better inform our donors, we’ve created the “Ask An Egg Donor” series and enlisted the help of one of our experienced donors, Felicia.

How long did you wait before someone selected you to be their donor?

The selection process varies for everyone and depends on several factors. The date that we approve your application, it goes up on our database for intended parents to view your profile and photos. Most intended parents are looking for an egg donor who shares similar physical characteristics, hobbies, etc.

For me, I waited around three months before being selected. I know of another donor who waited almost a year for her first match. So it really depends on exactly what the prospective parents are looking for at that time. Once you have gone through the process once successfully, you will likely be picked again (and sooner) for another donation. I encourage you to be patient, because it’s totally worth the wait!


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