Why Do You Need a Surrogacy Support Person?

Couple holding hands providing support

At Circle Surrogacy & Egg Donation, we pride ourselves on having the absolute best surrogates in the United States. We are able to say that because we have one of, if not the most, thorough surrogate screening processes in the industry. We want to ensure that our surrogates are set up for success from the beginning and feel supported throughout their entire journey. One way we do this is by requiring our surrogates to identify a primary support person in their life who will provide emotional, physical, and mental support throughout their surrogacy journey. The primary support person or PSP also goes through the screening process to ensure they understand the responsibility and are invested in the journey. 

Surrogate Screening & Identifying a Primary Support Person

After applying to become a surrogate, a woman will go through the pre-screening process at Circle to ensure that she’s medically qualified to move forward with the process. (You can learn more about the surrogate application process in our related blog post.)

After the pre-screening process, she moves on to screening with an in-house social worker. During the social worker screening, which can last approximately 2 to 2 ½ hours, surrogates are asked about their motivation for becoming a surrogate, their personal relationships, pregnancy history, and more. At this stage, she is also required to identify a primary support person for her journey and share about her personal network who will be by her side throughout the process. 

What Is a Primary Support Person?

A primary support system is an identified individual who will provide support for the surrogate throughout her journey. If she is married or in a relationship, the primary support person is most often her spouse or partner. If she doesn’t have a partner, she may choose a parent, sibling, or close friend. A support person is often deeply invested in the surrogate’s journey and is excited to be helping her make another family’s dreams come true. 

How Do You Screen a Primary Support Person?

Like surrogates, the identified support person also goes through a screening call with a licensed social worker at Circle, but the PSP call is generally only an hour or 1½ hours long versus the 2- or 2½-hour call for the surrogate. On this call, the primary support person answers questions about a variety of things, including:

  • Their relationship with the surrogate
  • Their understanding of surrogacy and the commitment involved
  • Their level of availability for travel and other commitments

This is also a phenomenal opportunity for the PSP to ask his or her questions! Many PSPs come to this process with a lot of questions about how the process works, protections for the surrogate, why certain requirements are in place, and the general legal process. The team at Circle is there to answer the PSP’s questions and ensure that everyone involved is feeling comfortable and excited about moving forward! 

What Are the Responsibilities of a Primary Support Person?

Being a support person for a surrogate looks different for everyone! Every surrogacy journey is different, and each surrogate has different needs throughout the process. The primary goal of the support person is to be available to provide the surrogate with the emotional, mental, and physical support she may need. This could look like driving her to doctor appointments, traveling with her for her medical screening or embryo transfer at the intended parent’s clinic, taking care of the children when she travels for appointments, helping to give injections for the IVF meds, or being a shoulder to cry on when the pregnancy hormones kick in. While the Circle Surrogacy team has best-in-class social workers on staff to support surrogates, it is always helpful to have extra support at home. 

At Circle Surrogacy, we’re proud to have not only the best surrogates but also an amazing community of supporters who help our surrogates have the best surrogacy experience. Interested in becoming a surrogate at Circle? Apply today