Welcome Baby Aniella Sarina!

We love surrogacy birth announcements. To protect the privacy of intended parents and surrogates, we can’t always share very much but today we have heart-warming photos and these beautiful words from Aniella Sarina’s surrogate, Tasha:

She made her entrance into her daddy’s arms in the morning. That moment was so powerful and overwhelming for me. I cried like a baby, it was everything I imagined it would feel like to see him hold her for the first time. It was such a proud moment and made this journey that much more special. Aniella’s father was great the whole time. So respectful and caring of my comfort level. He made me feel so important and gave me all the privacy I needed at all the right times. I couldn’t have asked for a better delivery process. Aniella is beautiful and perfect in every way a mirror of her sister.  He’s definitely a very proud parent and she is certainly one lucky little girl. Also, she’s very alert. She was really observing her surroundings from the moment she came out until she slept. She’s just perfect in every way. The hospital has been great, they even got our rooms right next door to each other. It sounds like it may have been a long night. I heard Aniella’s sweet cries a few times.

Aniella is held to sit upright on the weigh in for the hospital by her Dad

Dads await the birth of their baby with surrogate

surrogacy birth announcement Aniella smiling as she sleeps

surrogacy birth announcement Aniella being held by Surrogate Tasha

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